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Less is More

The reason why the world is in such a shambles is because we do too little, and we say too much. Life isn’t that complicated. We breath, we eat, we sleep, we think and we love. How do we help those who don’t have anything to eat… we don’t get into a discussion about it, we love them by feeding them. How do we help those who don’t have a place to sleep… we don’t philosophize about it, we love them by giving them a place to rest. It’s really not that difficult to do.

So why then do we choose to over-complicate life? Happiness isn’t found in how much I can accumulate in this lifetime; it isn’t found in a life that is hell-bent on criticising those who are making a difference; it isn’t found in status and fame. It’s found in one simple thing – LOVE. And the thing about love is that it isn’t love until we give it away. The motive behind love is not to benefit myself, but to benefit others. If I am doing a good thing only to be noticed and applauded, it’s not love. Love is about the other person. But the crazy thing about giving love away, is that when I do, I am the one who grows and finds real purpose. It’s when we love, that our lives are filled with joy that no money in the world can buy.

A misconception about loving people is that we always need to agree with what they do. So, if I don’t agree with a person’s position on certain moral issues, I don’t love them. That’s not true! As a Christian, my moral compass will be very different to that of an atheist. But I still love every atheist out there, and every Muslim, and every Jew, and every Buddhist. There are no conditions to love, because it is not merely a feeling… it is an act of will. It is something we need to choose to do. People are unreasonable, illogical and self-centered, love them anyway. Why? Because in the end, it’s never between you and them anyway, it’s between you and God. When we love others in spite of what they say and how they act, it will open the door to proclaim our faith and simply say that we are doing what Jesus would do. What’s the point of calling ourselves Christians, if we aren’t striving to be Christ-like.

Doing more and saying less might not always be comfortable, but it’s simple. And in doing so, we will “unshamble” a world in shambles, one loving deed at a time.

Have an awesome day!

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