I am not lost

It is said that the most important instinct in any person is survival. And 2nd on the list is comfort. No wonder we choose the escalator instead of the stairs. No wonder we become inconsiderate when our comfort is compromised. Presently the Corona Virus is bringing to light our true colours. People rather focus on … More I am not lost


There’s a sense of entitlement dragging society down in more ways than we can ever imagine. The pendulum has swung from a place where basic human rights were being violated, to a place where all of us feel that life owes us. More specifically – God Owes Us! Even those who claim that there is … More Danger!


Something lacking in society today is the ability to discern. We “worship” famous people we don’t even know. We wear what they wear and endorse what they endorse because … well, I’m not even sure why! Why have we become so obsessed with what strangers think about us and so focused on the approval of … More Discerning


As Christians, we tend to focus more on the things we oppose, than on the things we should be embracing. We oppose abortion and blasphemy, and in doing so we forget to embrace love. How did Christ deal with moral issues? He never protested or embarressed those who opposed His views. He did 2 things: … More Action