20/20 Tenacity

This tree has defied all the odds. It faced resistance from below, a shove from the side and sweltering heat from the top. It could have given up and given in, but it didn’t. That little tree wasn’t held back by its surroundings. It never gave up because life got uncomfortable. And because of it’s … More 20/20 Tenacity


Allowing our focus to be blurred by distractions contaminates the outcome of our goals. This is something I say to myself every morning, yet I allow it to happen every day. Why is it so difficult to stay focused? No matter who you talk to about this, they will all tell you that it’s easier … More Sidetracked

God Who Stays

Most of us have experienced a time when we cared about somebody, but that care wasn’t reciprocated. A high school crush that never materialized into a relationship. A marriage that is falling apart because love is coming from one side and a lack of commitment from the other. A sudden crumbling of a father/son relationship … More God Who Stays

Less is Best

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Action expresses priority”. What we do in our lives is a direct reflection of what is really important to us. I often find myself doing things that are not at all linked to what is essential. And the question then arises, if what Gandhi says is true, do unimportant things take … More Less is Best