Keep going!

When we’re sitting on the sidelines of life, not willing to be part of the game… part of the solution, and we criticise everyone else on the field, we are in a dangerous place. Yesterday I was asked to be linesman for an under 16 soccer match that my son […]

How did we get here?

Won’t say where and won’t mention against who, but we went to watch John play in a soccer match yesterday and was appalled at what we saw and heard. The language and attitude of some of the boys in the opposing team was unbelievable. The ref was sworn […]

Shake the World!

Comparison means questioning God’s creation. We are the pinnacle of everything He created and the object of His love. He always has, and He will always know what He is doing. We are living on a blue planet that is flying through space at a speed of 30km every second. […]

Chase your purpose

Sometimes there’s a difference in what we are doing now and what we are passionate about. We feel as if our purpose is going unfulfilled because we are not in the immediate position to pursue it. Here’s the thing… life happens, and we don’t really have a choice […]

Wrong is never Right!

Since when did chaos become order? Why has doing the wrong thing become cool? I feel like I’m living in an upside-down world where society accepts things that should never be the norm. It has become “nerdy” to do the right thing and to stand up for morals […]

In a fast-paced world, everything must happen now. When we wait longer than 5 minutes for our fast food, we complain. When we are stuck in a traffic jam, we complain. When we don’t get what we want… now… we compromise and choose something else. Patience has disappeared off the […]