Nineteen years ago I lived in darkness. Maybe not that bad. Bev and I lived in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. There was so much air pollution that the sun never made an appearance. It took a weekend away in Hong Kong to rise above the muck and see the sun in its full glory again. I recently … More Shine

Start Today

I’m staying in my job because it’s familiar and it’s too much effort to change. I’m staying put where I live because I’m comfortable. What happens if I make a change and it doesn’t work out? What happens if I pursue my passion and it turns out different to what I imagined. It just isn’t … More Start Today


There has been such an emphasis on mental health in Australia, following the recent death of a well-known sportsman. Sharing your issues and talking about your problems with someone is a good idea, but not really a solution to a huge issue in modern day society. I believe that the best way to be content, … More Gratitude


Character is defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Our character is truly revealed when our circumstances become uncomfortable. When we are of strong character, our circumstances never make or break us. In fact, it’s those very difficulties that build a strong character. Helen Keller, who had more trials than most … More Character

Small Leaks

Distractions prevent us from doing the things that are really important. It’s our opponent’s way of keeping us from winning. It’s the critic’s way of making us doubt ourselves. We end up taking our eyes off the goal and focusing on the frivolities. So often we are aware of the major distractions and make sure … More Small Leaks