Let’s Go

Christopher Columbus set out to find a shorter route to India. One way of looking at it is that he was lost and accidentally found America. I often find myself on a journey in search of something specific and end up finding something totally different. That’s not a bad thing. What’s important, is that we … More Let’s Go


Years ago while teaching in South Africa, I used to love taking the kids on camps. I would often apologize to parents about the dirty state of their children and their clothes when we got back. What sticks in my mind is what one of them told me: “A dirty child is a happy child!” … More Dirty


“Today I choose…” How do you and I choose to end that sentence. Yesterday, Bev tagged me in a post in which a member of the DA party in South Africa, spoke extremely well. He was addressing parliament and basically telling the president, that he blew his opportunity to be a true leader after promising … More Today

Things that Matter

We can count our money and our possessions. Many things can scientifically be proven through formulas and numbers, but even scientists acknowledge that science doesn’t have the answers to why we feel excited or in love. Things of the mind can be explained while things of the heart are a mystery when looked at through … More Things that Matter


Every, single day we are presented with a myriad of new opportunities. Whether you see these as possibilities or impossibilities is up to you. And whether you believe you can turn each one into a reality, or not – you are right. You see, the goals we achieve in life are directly proportionate to the … More Reflection