Be the One

I often find myself reverting back to an old mindset. Wondering why I’m not doing everything I should be doing. Seeing only the obstacles between where my life is now and where I would like it to be. And that’s exactly the problem that most of us encounter – seeing obstacles as walls that keep … More Be the One

Our Calling

Our calling is simple – LOVE. It’s not our place to look down on those who aren’t as “perfect” as us. It’s not our place to focus on the mistakes of others. Aren’t we all just living in glass houses. It’s not our place to shout out the sins of others. Aren’t we allĀ  silently … More Our Calling

Who am I?

Society determines our “coolness” according to our income, looks or achievements. According to society, I am therefore a nobody. But I refuse to find my identify in what others say about me – and so should you. When Wozniak and Jobs established a company in the ’70’s, they alone had the authority to call it … More Who am I?

It’s in front

It’s always good to take a glance back every now and then. It allows us to see how far we’ve come. But often we get so distracted by our past, that we end up missing what’s right in front of us. Whatever we’ve done… is done. There’s no way to undo the past. So, there’s … More It’s in front

Am I coachable?

We live in a society that is too afraid to tell the truth because it might offend someone. Coaches mustn’t dare to tell their players that they can do better because it might hurt their feelings. After all, it’s all about having fun. Winning doesn’t matter. Right? Teachers can end up in deep water if … More Am I coachable?