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When your heart is on fire, light comes from within.

I often look at my life and struggle to find even a glimpse of the real difference that I should be making as a Christian. What I discover when I look into my heart is someone who is critical and angry at the world. Now maybe that might be my way of saying that there is injustice al around. But the fact of the matter is that I am not going to make the world more fair and caring, by portraying anger. The way to change another person’s heart is with love.

Love is the most powerful weapon we have as Christians to make this world a better place, because it is love that burns away anger and animosity, and replaces it with forgiveness and patience. The world has enough critics and angry people. What it needs is love that will melt the hardest heart. Lives, communities and countries will never be changed with anger. Anger only leads to more anger. The great thing about a heart on fire for God, is that it fills the mind with smoke. That very mind that tells us it is justified to treat others with the same disdain that they show towards us, now becomes overwhelmed by a more loving attitude. Love changes the idea of “You need to get what you deserve,” to a reminder that, if God gave us what we deserved, we would all be condemned.

I hope that you will apply this prayer to your life as I am desiring to do.

God, please help me to show more mercy, a little more grace. Help me to fill my life with goodness and faith. May I be more patient, a strive for more peace. Please set my heart on fire with your love so that I can be more like Jesus, and a little less like me.

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