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Don’t let people hold you back. You are not going to have to give account to them one day; only to God.

The world is so filled with fear at the moment; and that includes Christians. Why? Why do we allow fear to dictate our lives if we are called to be bold? Why do we give in to fear if we have the king of the world on our side? Maybe it’s time to read about the lives of those in scripture who dared to trust God.

I’m sure that when David stood in front of Goliath, for a moment he must of thought, “What the heck am I doing?” But it didn’t last long. I can’t imagine Gideon not having any fear at all when he faced a mighty army, with a few untrained soldiers. But you see, their human fear didn’t dictate to their Godly faith. And they lived lives of tremendous purpose.

Imagine living our lives, never doing anything because we allow that moment of fear to overshadow what faith could lead to.  If we make fear the master of our existence, we will end up regretting so many things.  And I’m not sure about you, but that’s not the life for me. Stepping out in faith is not always easy, but it is always worth it.

Right here and right now, we need to live every moment with no regret. Right here and right now, we need to love like we’re on borrowed time. Go on! Go and do those things that you have always felt incapable of doing. Go and live that life that God is calling you to live. But to be able to do so, you need to put your trust in Him completely.

Have an amazing day!

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Keep Burning

The world needs Christians who don’t tolerate the complacency of their own lives.

The reason why we have technology, is to make things as easy and as comfortable as possible. Instead of walking, we’ll drive. Instead of cooking, we’ll go through a drive through… and so it goes on. But in doing so, we have become a lazy society, so obsessed with comfort, that we are very quickly losing any resilience we might still have.

You see, the only time we ever grow, is when we face obstacles. And no comfort in the world can help us overcome those hurdles in our lives. The only thing that helps with getting over those mountains is perseverance. And the thing is, perseverance can never be acquired in a place of comfort and ease.

We grow in the wilderness. We become stronger in the midst of the storm. So why is it that we sit in our comfortable church auditoriums, sipping our hip latte’s and listening to our rock star preachers, yet never dare to leave that “religious place of comfort” to grow in our spiritual walk?

It’s time to take that head knowledge we have of being a Christian, and allow it to become heart knowledge. Only when that happens, will we realise that we can never be complacent because, as Christians, we will never be everything we have been created to be on this side of eternity. So we must continue to strive to be more like Jesus, every moment of every day!

It’s time let go of those worldly things that are making life so comfortable; those things that are snuffing out the flame of passion and purpose in our lives.

Have an amazing day!

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Snooze Button

“Just a little longer…” becomes a lifetime of procrastination.

Why is it that we prefer comfort and routine over excitement and purpose? Well, the simple answer is, we are tricked into it. God created every single one of us with purpose and on purpose. He planned a life of excitement for us from the very day we were born. But the problem comes in when we follow the lead of society. They encourage us to stay in the boat because it’s safer, drier and more comfortable.

And the devil loves comfortable Christians, because they don’t break any ground to disrupt his work. You see, it means stepping out of our comfortable places to be effective for God. We need to step onto every spiritual battleground we can find, to face every giant we can. Standing on the shore is cosy, but it’s out on the stormy seas where we are most effective. It’s time to step out of the boat, lose sight of the shore and focus on Christ.

Today is the day to smash that snooze button on our lives. We need to get out of our warm, comfortable beds of existence, and embrace true living. Stop listening to the snoozy voices of the world, and even religion, and start heeding the call of God on your life. Do that crazy thing that you have been called to do, but haven’t got around to doing, because comfort stood in your way.

So today, let us let go of excuses, and grab on to a life that God has prepared for us. A life of purpose.

Have a wonderful day.


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See You

“I have found that trying to become more like Jesus, yields far better results than trying to become a better me.”

We hear it all the time: “Become the best version of yourself!” The fact is, the best version of ourselves is still pretty terrible. In ourselves we will always succumb to the sinful nature of the flesh. Jealousy and ego will take president over love and selflessness when we try to do things our way. In our own strength we will continue to fail miserably. Just look at the world and tell me with a straight face, that it is working out well for people being themselves!

I have decided a long time ago, that I don’t want to be “myself” anymore, because I didn’t like what I was becoming. We are told that we need to do whatever makes us happy. It’s not good advise when we don’t even seem to know what happiness is. We are told to fight for our rights, no matter what the consequences. That’s not very good advise when we aren’t also told that with every right, comes a responsibility.

I am not interested for people to see me anymore, because in myself, there is nothing worth seeing. But I pray that they will see Jesus in my life, and my actions, and my words. Nobody can argue with the selflessness and love of our Saviour. And if you and I can just reflect some of that love in the world, it will start a spark that will begin to light up the darkness we are surrounded by.

Have a wonderful day, reflecting Christ.

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“Procrastination is the thief of time.” We love to put a hold on things, hoping that tomorrow’s weather will be better, or next month we will have more money to do something. The thing is, the time will never be perfect. So, instead of waiting for the perfect moment, dive into the deep end even if the water is dirty.

I once heard someone say that we will never be ready to do what we need to do. We will never be experienced enough, or prepared enough. When God calls us, we need to go, no matter how “unready” we may be feeling. God isn’t interested in whether we are ready; He is interested in whether we are willing.

David wasn’t a trained member of the Israelite Army when he took on Goliath. He didn’t need to be, because God went into battle with him, when he was willing to go into battle for God. His attitude was, “Ready or not, here I come because God is calling me. Gideon wasn’t a trained soldier, yet God called him a mighty warrior because he was willing to fight a war for which he was completely unready.

So, what about you and me? Are we spending our lives doing things that don’t matter because we are waiting for the right time? And, by the time we realise, we have wasted our lives doing things that don’t matter because we wanted the “stars to align” before we tried something that  does! Why?

Know today, that God has called you! Know today that He prepares you for the battle on the way! Know that He doesn’t care about your credentials. He simply wants a willing heart.

Have a great day!


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It’s not a Feeling

The problem with most of us these days, is that our words and actions are based on our feelings. When someone says something that hurts us, we retaliate with even more hurtful words. When someone’s opinion is different to ours, we become offended and want nothing to do with that person anymore. The problem is, we live our lives based on our feelings.

Why is it that so many people are doing so little to make a positive impact in this world. The  answer can be summed up in one word: ‘Feelings’! We don’t feel like disrupting our own comfortable lives, to help others. Because truly helping other might just require us to step out of our own cosy environment, and step into something that will be confronting and painful.

You see, we are willing to give from a place of abundance, as long as we feel that it won’t affect us too much. It’s easy to give, when it’s easy to give! It’s easy to do, when it’s easy to do! It’s easy to go, when it’s easy to go. But what if Jesus used that same way of thinking? What if Jesus chose to act like us?

If Jesus based his life on what He was feeling, He would never have come to this Earth. He would never have died on the cross. He would never have loved us. His love for is not, will not, and has never found its foundation on feelings. He came to show us how to live. Why then do we choose our comfort over His calling.

If you don’t feel like running, get up and do it anyway. It’s good for you. If you don’t feel like stepping out into the unknown because you feel scared, do it anyway. If you don’t feel like committing your life to what God is calling you to do, do it anyway! Let us never allow our feelings to determine our words and our actions. Because if we do, we will live comfortable but unfulfilled lives that have no purpose.

Have a great day!

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The Right Fear

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve read the Bible and I know how it end. So why will I bow down to the fear mongering of a godless society? Anyone with a heartbeat will know that over the past few years, leaders have been trying to scare the living daylights out of the entire world, creating a narrative that is simply fictional.

We have been made to believe that things are spinning out of control. The arrogance of the people in power is clear to see, if we choose to look. They claim to be the ones who can save us and the ones who know what’s best for us. They tell us that if we don’t listen to their “words” then we are selfish and reckless.

But I know God. I know that He has never relinquished His authority. He is still in control. And because He lives, I can face tomorrow and the next day, without any fear. I fear God alone and will yield to Him alone. My God knows what’s best for me. I don’t need godless leaders to tell me. He created me, not them. He is the One I submit to, not them.

So decide today whom you will fear. Will it be a godless society, or the God who created you. As for me, I will fear and worship the Lord my God.

Have a wonderful day!

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A little further

God never said that the journey would be easy! But He did say that the destination would more than make up for the pain along the way.

When we focus on what God is calling us to do, the enemy’s voice will shout, in an attempt to drown out God’s whisper. Don’t let it happen. The loudest voice, is often the one we need to ignore. The most popular road, is always the easy road. Society is so focused on comfort and ease, that there seems to be no other option than to stop when the road gets rough. But don’t. It doesn’t mean because most people are doing something, that it is right. Keep going a little further. It’s that extra mile of “roughness” that makes us aware of how much we need God

You see, when life is easy and the road is smooth, there always seems to be lots of traffic. That’s what most people consider to be life’s purpose – being comfortable and making things as easy as possible. But that’s just not it! Life’s purpose is to be living your calling. And to know what that calling is, we need to put our faith in God. And to do that, we need to experience every bump in the road. Because without those bumps, we seem to think that we don’t need Him. So, if you want to experience a life of purpose and impact, keep going a little further. It won’t be comfortable, but boy, it will be worth it!

The saying, “There is safety in numbers” is so true. Not the way the world sees it, though. When we walk with God, we are always in the majority. When we put our trust in Him, there is no army that can defeat us. We might be weak in the eyes of the world, but what does that matter when the world is blinded by all the wrong things. In God’s eyes, like Gideon, we are mighty warriors, when we put our trust in Him. Like David, we can defeat any enemy. Like Peter, we can do the impossible, if we only keep our eyes on Him. We too, can be used by God in a mighty way, if only we would choose to keep going a little further.

Have an amazing day!

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No Way!

There’s a reason why they call it “The Rat Race”. It’s not our race to run. We are people, not rats! And we have been created with a purpose. And our purpose is more than just paying bills for things that we mostly don’t need. Think about this! How many things do we have in our lives, that we don’t really need? How many things do we hang on to, that are simply luxuries? And we end up working in unfulfilling jobs, to pay for things that we don’t need, while our passions are dismissed as pipe dreams.

There is a graveyard of unfulfilled dreams, that have died because we decide to follow a life that society portrays as necessary. We turn our backs on our passion and calling, and instead choose to do the “responsible” thing. We choose to work hard, buy a house, get our kids into the “best” schools, and make sure they attend the “best” universities, so that they can repeat the cycle all over again. And, as a result, we have a generation that is unfulfilled and depressed.

What your children need to see, are parents who love life. Children need to  their parents live lives of passion and purpose.  It is far more important to make an impact, than to make a wad of money. It is far more exciting to be passionate about what we do, than to be comfortable with the things we surround ourselves with. So, lets’ stop existing the way society prescribes, and start living the life that God has for us. When we do that, our passion will wake us up in the morning, and keep us awake at night.

So sleep less, and live the life you were called to live. Don’t live the life you have been made to believe is the one for you, by a society that has no interest in the God who created you. No way!

Have an amazing day!