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Comfort is Dangerous

Resilience is something of a rarity in privileged societies. When all our needs are met, we start chasing after comfort. And that becomes a dangerous pursuit. Have you ever really been hungry? I’m not talking about skipping breakfast and lunch, and looking forward to your dinner because you […]

You will have troubles…

Jesus wasn’t joking when He said, “In this world you will have troubles.” So often we think that the age we are living in is the most challenging for Christians ever. But it seems to me that around the time of Jesus’ first coming was pretty bad too. […]

Go and find her…

“Go and find her!” One of the most confusing and mind-blowing statements in the Bible. God’s telling Hosea to look for and find his wife. Now Hosea is a Godly man. In fact, he’s a prophet who fears and serves God. This might seem like a perfectly fine […]

Real Faith goes with Action

It’s the easiest thing in the world to compartmentalise our lives into “real life” and “faith life”. It’s an easy yet fatal mistake to make as a Christian. Our faith is either real or not. If we do not apply it to our everyday lives, then our faith […]


What an awesome day in Melbourne. So much to be thankful for and yet I can’t but help to think how often we take life for granted. How we are in a habit of complaining when the road ahead has a few bumps in it. Last week I […]