Living your story

We all have a story to tell. It’s a story that gets a message across better when it’s seen. Talking about our lives is easy. Creating a glorified version of our lives on social media is even easier. Living louder has nothing to do with volume, but everything to do with silent action. We all … More Living your story

Don’t let it die

That little flickering flame inside of us is important. Don’t allow anyone or anything to snuff it out. When that spark dies, we end up wandering around aimlessly looking for our purpose, not realising that it was there all along. That passion inside of you, pursue it with everything you have. Start where you are, … More Don’t let it die

Winning in the midst of a losing battle!

At times I’d hear people complaining about the the most minuscule things and wish they’d toughen up. On other occasions, someone would be going through unthinkable trials. Despite their struggles, they wouldn’t even entertain the thought of feeling sorry for themselves. Meeting people like that makes me wonder why I don’t toughen up. We all … More Winning in the midst of a losing battle!