Sometimes we need to talk to a 2 year old just to understand life again. There’s no place for grudges and judgement. There’s no time wasting on doing things that lead to greed and materialism. To them, it’s all about enjoying the moment and making the most of each second. Not sure about you, but … More Prioritise

Not good enough

The feeling that you’re not good enough is exactly that… a feeling. It’s not a fact! And we can’t just go on our feelings. If we do, we’ll always be angry, disappointed, hurt and selfish. I often catch the train in Melbourne and I get angry all the time when I see people not paying, … More Not good enough

Be nice

Life is filled with pleasant surprises when you least expect it. The sad thing is that, what I experienced yesterday should be the norm, but it’s become the exception. I am blessed enough to be able to do most of my work in a coffee shop. While sipping away on a cappuccino in Melbourne, marking … More Be nice

Fill that Gap

I often buy something, chuck away the instruction manual and then try to figure out how it’s meant to work. My sons would often point out some functions that I never even knew existed. We miss out on so much fun and possibilities when we don’t know all the things our phones, computers and TVs … More Fill that Gap


Camouflage is nature’s way of protecting itself. Or maybe it’s more correct in saying that it’s something God thought of to protect every aspect of His beautiful creation. On the other hand, there are brighter coloured species that don’t need camouflage because they are generally poisonous, and predators know that. Us humans often use both … More Camouflage