“Whoever brings blessings will be enriched. Whoever waters will themself be watered.” The word “blessing” comes from the old English word “bledsian” which means to consecrate with blood. The reason why God sent His Son to die on the cross and shed His blood for us was to bless us. That one event in history … More Blessing


The key that unlocks the treasure chest of God’s peace, is faith in the promises of God. There are so many promises in God’s word and He wants us to stand firm on each one of them. One thing that God never promised is a world without trouble, yet, that seems to be the one … More Peace

Nothing can stop you

When you’re walking with God, nothing can stop you because you know where you’re standing. Distractions are responsible for so many of us not living out our true potential. We allow things to pull us into life’s comfort zone. And by doing that, we distance ourselves from the zone where miracles happen. When we choose … More Nothing can stop you

Remind me who I am

In a world where popularity has become more important than character, the moral fiber of society is rapidly unravelling. We have become so afraid to say “No” or to question immorality, that we are allowing wayward ideologies to supersede the truth. We hear 8 billion voices trying to convince us to become something that we … More Remind me who I am

Same Purpose

Instruments were created to make beautiful music. I can’t really play any myself, but I love the peaceful sounds that flow from each one. Sometimes they are neglected and their deterioration causes them to miss notes and become out of tune. But that doesn’t change the purpose of their creation. Some days we feel despondent … More Same Purpose