This is who I am

It’s easy to reflect something that we’re not. We can post great Christian clips and quotes, yet we have little time for God. We can post inspiring videos, yet we live very uninspiring lives. We can post highlight reels of our lives, while being desperately unhappy. If we want people to know who we are … More This is who I am

Be That One

Encouragement is needed by all and given by so few. I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t feel uplifted when genuinely encouraged. We are all on our own journeys. We all have things we struggle with, and when things get tough, we are prone to give up and choose the easy road. The … More Be That One


Age is just a number and impossible is nothing. That should be the attitude of every person who feels a calling and has a passion to live life loudly. The problem is that we tend to allow the noise of the critics on the sidelines to affect our performance. If you feel that your purpose … More Unimpossible


Whatever excuses we have for not making contact with someone, is not a question of being too busy, but a question of priority. People who are important to us deserve some of our time. These days it seems to be cool to be busy. Everyone is always staring at a screen or speaking on their … More Priority