What’s Happening?

“Before you begin on the journey of revenge… dig two graves.” One single incident has taken the minds of the world off one thing, and focused it on another. We all seem to be searching for a worthy cause to be involved in. Our hearts yearn for something to believe in. For something to pursue … More What’s Happening?


Over the past 6 months 360 000 of the world’s population has died due to complications of COVID 19.  Something that has affected 0.075% of the world’s population has changed the way we live, think and act. It blows my mind that we have become so obsessed with a virus! It doesn’t make sense when … More Clarity

Keep Walking

When you’re right behind the mountain and there’s no light top be seen. Keep climbing towards the peak. There you’ll get clarity. There you’ll see that the Son was always shining. Fix your eyes on the Son and you will see how He will shine His light on life’s mysteries. We need to rise in those … More Keep Walking


Our world is so filled with masks, plastic surgery and selfies that it’s difficult to distinguish between what’s fake and what’s real anymore. The line has become blurred and we are allowing it to drag us down into the lie that we can never live up to the standards of others. So we spend our … More Trendy

It shows

Gandhi once said, “Action expresses priorities.” We might have that desire in our hearts to do more. We might be waiting for the right time to live out those intentions. We might even have some seemingly valid excuse why we aren’t living out that purpose that we are fully aware of. The sad truth is … More It shows