Christ Saving India Project

Partnering with Pastor Williams Revu, leader of CSI (Founded by the late James Terry), Why not Impact has recently started the Water Buffalo Project in Andhra Pradesh. This is an amazing vision and we are praying for life-changing results for so many faithful pastors in India.

CSI has more than 150 pastors who are leading churches across India. Because of the poverty in many of the areas, these pastors don’t receive a cent from their congregations. I have personally met most of these amazing people, ministering to them in India. They are selflessly committed to sharing the Gospel in their communities while struggling to survive themselves. Our vision is to change that and to make these amazing messengers of the Good News, self-sufficient in order to provide for their families, while also employing young people to look after their stock. We have already managed to buy 4 water buffalo. The milk these animals produce will be sold every day and 50% will come back to Why not Impact. As soon as we have enough money, we will then purchase 2 more and hand it over to the next pastor. By God’s grace and by trusting Him in this worthy cause, we have the vision that not only will all the existing pastors be supported within the next few years, but we will also be able to plant more, much needed churches.

If you would like to know more about this exciting project, please feel free to email me at