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Words are containers for power. You choose what kind of power they carry!

If there’s one thing we can’t do, it’s to “unspeak” words. Once we have said something and someone has heard it, it cannot be undone. Once we have posted something, we might be able to delete it, but it would already have been read, and that can’t be changed.

The people we choose to listen to, and the posts we choose to read online, have more influence than we can imagine. Words can be very persuasive and can instigate us to become angry or calm. They can push us to hate or to love. The words of others can change our world if we choose to listen to them. Our words, can change someone else’s world if they choose to listen to us. That’s the power of words!

I guess, we very seldom think about the power we have in the things we say. And we don’t always realise how, what we choose to listen to, can change our lives. When feeling frustrated with what’s happening around us, we tend to look for like-minded people to talk to. We look for like-minded posts to read. And, more often than not, it adds fuel to the fire. It “gets us going” and the crowd mentality kicks in.

The best words we can read when we are feeling disheartened and unfairly treated is The Word. God’s Word is encouraging and uplifting. It will always lead us in the right direction The Bible is the only word we can trust and know that it is not based on fallible human bias. The more time we spend in God’s Word, the more it saturates us. We then, begin to speak hope rather than despair; love rather than hate; peace rather than anger.

When we choose to listen to words of life, it brings life to dry bones. When we choose to listen to words of life, it turns graves into gardens. So, let’s speak life into a world looking for answers. Let’s speak hope into a world feeling hopeless. And let’s avoid allowing our words to add to the feeling of desperation.

Have a wonderful day!

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