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My Prayer for You

We are confident because of who we are in Christ. We are humble because we know who we would be without Him.

This morning I would like to share a prayer with you if that’s okay. Let’s pray together.

Father God, today, many people are waking up feeling they have nothing to live for. You know how many have lost their jobs and livelihoods because of what is happening. Please let every one of us who are feeling that way know that every breath is a privilege and grace from You. Let us know that each heartbeat is your way of saying that we have a purpose. Holy Spirit, please encourage and enfold us with your presence. Help us to understand that our identity isn’t found in earthly possessions, but in You, Lord Jesus. Even when our minds and hearts feel defeated, please let your Spirit speak louder than the voice of defeat.

Father God, during this time of uncertainty, many people are feeling angry and frustrated. It seems as if decisions that are made don’t make sense and that the world is spinning out of control. Please remind us that you have still got the whole world in your hands and that You are still The King. Please help us to remember that this is a spiritual battle going on and that we can’t enter into it with weapons and words. We need to fight it in the Your name. When You are with us, then no worldly force or decision can stand against us.

Father God, please help us to stand firm on the Rock of our Salvation. Jesus, please protect us with the power of your blood. In the same way that the angel of death passed over the houses that had the blood of the lamb covering the doorposts, cover our lives and our families with your precious blood. Protect us from the onslaughts of the enemy and give us the strength to keep going, the faith to trust that you are in control, and the boldness to stand up for You, even if it means persecution.

Father God, my prayer today is that you will give hope, in the lives of those who are feeling hopeless. Please give peace to those who are experiencing turmoil. Please give patience to those who are experiencing frustration. Please give love to those who are feeling abandoned. And for those who are feeling lost, Father God, please take their hand and lead them. Provide for those who have lost so much during this time Father.


May you experience Abba Father in a brand new way today, and may you know that He is always there. If there is anything we can help with, please send me a message at because God is also asking us to be His hands and feet. Have a blessed day knowing that you are loved and that there is hope.

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