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Our current world situation is the perfect breeding ground for something far more devastating than what we are made to believe about COVID. It is the perfect environment for us to stop and think about life. In a sense, that’s a good thing. It allows us to slow down and philosophy on life and its importance. But it also creates the danger for us to stew over things that we might have done wrong, or that people might have said about us in the past. Things that have knocked our confidence. This is the perfect environment for the Enemy to bombard us with lies and to remind us of all our mistakes and shortcomings.

It’s a time in which we can so easily give up and lose our voice because we are the victims of draconian measures that seemingly take away all our freedom. Yet, as Christians, we must fight against the urge to give up. We must stand against the lies that we are wrong and that following Jesus is a “crime”. Now more than ever before, we need to find strength in our Saviour and stand strong in His Truth. Recently, Margaret Court, the most prolific woman’s tennis player of all times, has been denied the opportunity to feed thousands of struggling people in Western Australia. The reason – she has strong views against same-sex marriage.

The world is allowed any view they like, yet Christians are ostracized for their beliefs. We are living in times during which it would be far easier to follow the world than to follow Jesus, and Satan is using the chaos of these times to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of Christians. This is a time to stand strong. This is a time to show the love of Jesus, without compromising our faith and without denying our God. Instead of allowing the world to indoctrinate us with lies and deception that are popular and that focus on fleshly desires, it’s time to stand on the Truth even if it means rejection.

It’s time to rise from the ashes and shine His light. It’s time to focus on Jesus and see ourselves the way He sees us, instead of seeing ourselves the way the world does. We no longer need to be slaves to fear that the world is threatening us with. He delivers us from our enemies because He is our Father and we are His children. It’s time that we believe what He says about us instead of what society has to say. We are surrounded by the arms of The Father and nothing is safer or more comforting than that.

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