This morning I got the sad news that a friend of mine in Sydney passed away. He had been diagnosed with cancer a few months ago but seemed to be going really well whenever I spoke to him. It wasn’t really the words that gave me that idea, but more his attitude. Two years ago, I met him and he was in a very different frame of mind. One thing about him is that his words were always consistent with his attitude. John placed all his hope and his life in the hands of Jesus and never became bitter during his physical struggles towards the end, always expressing praise and gratitude.

But so often we tend to divorce our words from our attitudes. We want everyone to believe that things are going well, meanwhile, back at the ranch, we is struggling. The important thing is that we need to raise our attitude to the level of our positive words or vice versa. It is so easy to allow our minds to become negative by letting our circumstances get the better of us. John had a perfectly valid reason to feel despondent, yet he CHOSE not to allow his circumstances to dictate his attitude. The only one who makes it possible for us to feel down and feel sorry for ourselves… is ourselves.

Yesterday I had a bit of a despondency attack. I allowed the ridiculous exaggeration of things that are happening around this virus, affect my mindset. I allowed my anger to cloud my faith. And the key word in all of this is ALLOWED. We act as we allow ourselves to act. And we talk and act courageously because we know where our strength and our help comes from. We don’t allow ourselves to become despondent because we know who holds our future. By becoming negative, we are simply saying to the world, “I don’t trust God!” Christians giving up, broadcasts the message that God is not in control and that the One who is Hope… isn’t.

Thanks John for your life, your testimony and your example. You are a legend and deserve to be home.

Have an amazing day!

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