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Countries all over the world are engaged in peace talks, yet international tension keeps rising. Counsellors are inundated with couples coming to see them, yet family violence is at an all time high. Society is telling us that we have a right to everything and that we need to do whatever makes us happy, yet people seem to be unhappier than ever before.

Where is the peace we are all trying to find. The truth is that lasting peace can not be found in temporary things, because if we lose our wealth or status or spouse or career, then our peace goes with it. That means it wasn’t true peace to begin with. The problem with us today is that we want our cake and we want to eat it. We want God to jump in when things go wrong but we want to live our lives on our terms. He’s an unloving and bad God when He doesn’t jump at our requests, yet we don’t give Him the light of day.

Maybe it’s time we need to be reminded that God isn’t there for our entertainment and for every whim we have. The truth is that we were created for Him and to worship Him. We seem to have got it a little back to front. God has done so much more for us than we ever deserve, by sending His Son to die for you and I. The only way things will change is when Christians begin to live in God’s will and experience His true peace in their lives. That peace will become contagious and spill over into society. We need to be the ones expanding the light into the darkness.

Have an amazing day seeking His will for your day, week, month, year and life.

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