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Be moved… without being moved!


The challenge we face today is not an easy one. We are called to maintain high personal standards, while feeling that we are living in a moral sewer.

Morality seemed to have left the building. Anything goes these days and when someone stands up against anything immoral, they are seen as being judgemental. The fact that everyone is doing something doesn’t make it right. The fact that society condones something doesn’t make it moral. It might feel as if we are fighting a losing battle, but we can never allow our hearts to be filled with anger and hatred towards the world.

That’s exactly what God is calling His children to do. He wants us to stand firm in Him and be the light that is needed in an ever increasing darkness. We simply cannot be content with what’s going on around us. It’s our calling to be that voice of hope and love. Become all things to all people but never allow the influence of this world to darken your light.

Have an amazing day and don’t allow anything to switch off that light that Jesus has switched on in you.


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