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Who cares?


Our personalities define who we are and how we do things. But there are times we act in ways, and those actions and words, hurt other people. I’m not talking about people who are offended by almost everything, and clearly voice their opinion about how they feel.

Recently I was at a school’s awards assembly and felt disappointed for some of the children. It wasn’t because only some received awards. (It’s a good thing that rewards are given to only those who have worked hard.) I am talking about this new trend where the audience doesn’t only clap, but also shouts loud cheers of “Whooo ooh”. The sad thing is that 2 kids will receive the same award, and the popular one will be cheered loudly, while the more introverted one will receive a dismal applause.

I didn’t only see, but I could feel the effect it had on them. Our personality types don’t determine whether we are considerate or not; that is left up to us to decide. We are living in a world where we are afraid to say something because it might be “politically incorrect”. It’s time that we stop dancing to the tune of those who make a big deal over nothing, and we start to consider how our words and actions are affecting those who will quietly continue on with life, without us even knowing that they are hurting. Too much attention is given to those who grab the limelight, while those who suffer in silence go unnoticed.

Let’s make a special effort today to be more considerate of others, not because of what they might say if we aren’t, but because of what they might feel if we don’t.

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