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Identity Crisis


The peer pressure we sometimes face can be enormous. It can make us do things that we would never usually do; and say things we would never dream of normally saying.

But here’s the thing… we are the ones who have the power to either give in, or not, to pressures that others place on us. It’s time we stopped blaming others for our actions and start taking ownership of those poor choices we make. If we feel that our friends are to blame for what we are doing, then it’s time for new friends. If we think that our environment is causing us to be someone we are not, then we need to make a move. Go to a place where you are celebrated, but never live a life based on the expectations of others.

The main reason we tend to waiver under peer pressure is because we are trying to find our identity and self-worth in the opinions of others. When I look up at night and realise that the God who created the amazing universe, loves me so much and wants me to have a personal relationship with Him, I don’t need to rely on the opinions of others. I find my identity in Him.

Someone once said, “Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future.” I know that I have an amazing future because Jesus is my best friend. He is the one I want to please. He is the One who changes me for the better.

Have an awesome day.

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