Think about all those ideas you had in your life! All those things you wanted to achieve, all those places you wanted to go and all those dreams you had. How many of them actually became a reality? My answer to that question is, “Not enough!” I don’t […]

The danger of indifference

A common answer we get, or we give, when asked something today is “Whatever” or “I don’t care!” That’s exactly the problem. That’s what’s called indifference. And we have become a society that is so self-focused, that we are indifferent to the needs of others. Have a look at some […]

It takes effort!

You don’t find pearls lying around on the beach. To find one, you need to dive deep and put in some effort. Why do we then think that things will just fall into our laps because we want them? We all have dreams. Well I certainly hope you […]