Get out there!

Have you ever noticed that when you hang around positive, encouraging people, that it rubs off on you? But the opposite is also true. The problem is that we are too easily swayed by the people we find around us. Very often it’s the company we keep that determines our state of mind. As Christians, … More Get out there!

Radiating Him to others

Watching programmes like Highway Patrol and RBT confirms my sentiment about modern-day education. Let me explain. These are both Australian TV shows that involve police doing Random Breath Tests and stopping cars for traffic infringements. The way that, especially young people, disrespect the law and those who are meant to enforce it, is mind-boggling. The … More Radiating Him to others

Christ is enough

If you are anything like me, coffee is a necessity in your life. I wake up, make myself a double espresso to really wake me up, then have a double shot cappuccino on the train. On the odd occasion when I don’t have the time for my early morning fix, my day doesn’t seem to … More Christ is enough

Just do it!

  Bev loves telling the story of when a friend in primary school dared her to walk backwards on a wall. She fell and broke her arm! It was a pretty silly decision but what would be the point of feeling guilty about her last step. Why keep revisiting the past and try to work … More Just do it!