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All you need!


We all face scary things at some stage in our lives. Sometimes we make a point of doing the right thing, yet nothing seems to be going our way. We stand up for what we believe is right, but all we get in return is criticism and funny looks. Those are the crucial moments in your life. The decisions you make when that happens can determine everything.

The easy way out is to stop fighting, to stay in the situation and just to give up. When that happens we go against what we believe and we conform to what the majority does. When you choose to do that, you will lose who you are, and become who others want you to be.

Rather make a decision to stand up and be heard. Continue to fight for what you believe in. It’s the most difficult thing to do and it will lead to frustration and hurt. It will require faith in your values because you have faith in God. It will require passion, but it will never make you feel defeated. And you need to surround yourself with people who celebrate you. People who have the same values and high standards that you have.

The river you need to cross at this point in your life might be deep, cold and scary, but the prospect of staying where you are and allowing your values to die, is far more frightening.

So… start swimming in faith and continue to swim with passion.







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Are you in the right boat?


Sometimes the boat you’re in keeps you safe. And sometimes it can be the most damaging place to be. It might just be time for you to step out of your boat. “Why would I do that?” I hear you say.  Because it’s limiting you from going where you need to go and being who you were created to be.

We feel good in a place that is safe and dry because it’s comfortable. But comfort can be a very dangerous thing. That obsession with safety and comfort can cause us to miss the life that God intended for us – a life of purpose and passion. And to be honest, I will rather miss that boat than miss my purpose.

It takes faith to get out. It is difficult and it doesn’t always make sense, but if you want to do something that really makes a difference, you are going to have to make decisions that are really different. It’s really “different” to get out of the boat, but it might just be what you need to do, so that  you can be who you were meant to be.

Have an awesome day!




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Just keep moving…


Sitting on the fence is not an option if you want to make an impact. It’s an easy way to get through life. It means you’re not willing to risk anything, so you sit with others and play it safe. One good thing about sitting on the fence is that you will never be criticized, but you will also never truly be alive.

You might be afraid to spread your wings, to leave the safety of the fence and to fly towards the uncertainty of your purpose. But here’s the thing: “God gave you your purpose, and He will get you to where you need to be, to be the most effective you.” There will be detours and storms and you will need to go through them. It will require faith… and that’s the whole point. When we realise that getting off the fence requires faith in the One who holds our future, we will start to move towards our purpose with purpose, because we know that God is already there.

Have an awesome day!

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Live your passion


We were all born with a purpose. God created every person different because only you can fulfill the plan He has for you. To find out what that is, you need to find what keeps you up at night and what makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

This world will be a different place if less people were interested in making a living, and more people started living their passion. Making the world a better place, is far more rewarding than making your world a comfortable place. So many people hate what they do for a living, but do it anyway because it pays well. Life is too short to do what you hate, so that you can get what you don’t really need.

A man was once sitting on a beach next to his one bedroom shack, catching fish. He would sell the fish he catches, at the market, to provide for his needs. A man walked past and asked him why he didn’t use the money to buy a boat. “And then what?” he asked. The man told him that he will catch more fish and then he could buy more boats. “And then what?” he asked. Then you can buy yourself a big house and retire. “And then what?” he asked. “Then you can relax and fish!” the man said. “That’s what I’m doing now!” the fisherman replied.

You see, we so often chase after things that are unnecessary, and in the process, we miss the point of life. We miss our purpose.

Find your purpose and pursue it with passion. It will change your life in a way that you never thought was possible. Life is far more than just existing! Don’t waste another moment.

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It’s a question of strength…


When your fear becomes stronger than your faith, you’re on shaky ground! Faith is looking at the “impossible”, but believing it can happen. Fear is looking at what can happen, but believing it’s impossible! The difference seems small but the result can be huge.

Whatever you choose to feed in your life, will become the strongest. When my logic tells me that something is not achievable, I choose to listen to what God says. That’s why it’s called faith…  because it requires belief that supersedes what logic tells you. My dreams are huge because if they aren’t, they’re an insult to God. He wants us to attempt great things. Things so great that they are impossible for us to achieve, so that when they happen – He gets the glory.

Have an awesome day!


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To Stand or To Dance…


What a gift life is. We don’t always feel that way when our day hasn’t gone according to plan. Nobody said that life was going to be easy, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a blessing to be alive. That heart beating in your chest is an absolute miracle… and it just keeps going. Those lungs that keep on filling up with air – that’s a miracle too.

There are so many people, at this very moment, who will soon be blowing out their last breath, who would give anything for the miracle of life to continue. And here we sometimes are, feeling that life is just one big effort. The fact that you still have a pulse means that God’s not done with you yet. You have an amazing purpose that is only  meant for you. God has a plan for your life and so does Satan.

Satan’s plan is destruction, hurt, pain, negativity and heartache. And when we allow that negativity to take root in our lives, we are closing the door that God is holding open for us. God’s plan for your life is good. He wants you to fulfil the purpose that He created you for. He wants you to stand out and to be the difference that the world needs right now. He wants you to listen to your heartbeat and to realise that He has given you life to enjoy and to live to the full. But it’s up to you and me to move our feet and to dance, even in the face of adversity.

Have an awesome day and know that were are born to win!

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It’s about others…


The world teaches me to be selfish – to do whatever will make ME happy. The funny thing is that the more I focus on my own desires, the less joy it gives me. When I start pouring my energy into blessing others and praying for those around me, I become more joy-filled. It’s a crazy concept, but the more we do for others, the more fulfilled our own lives become.

When Jesus came to earth He made it about you and me! And that changed everything. Let’s show that same, unselfish love and grace to others and in doing so, it won’t only be others that benefit. You will be surprised at what it does for you.

Have an awesome day!

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My name is…

Name CardDo yourself a favour and look at this till the end. It will take 9 minutes but it might just change your life.

If you think you are worthless, YOU AREN’T!

If you think your situation is leading to a dead-end, IT DOESN’T NEED TO.

If you think you are too far down the wrong road to turn around, YOU AREN’T.

You are more than the sum of your mistakes.

Have a Great Day!