My name is…

Do yourself a favour and look at this till the end. It will take 9 minutes but it might just change your life. If you think you are worthless, YOU AREN’T! If you think your situation is leading to a dead-end, IT DOESN’T NEED TO. If you think you are too […]

Grace Wins Every Time!

When you’re feeling weak, there’s Strength if you will only call out. When you’re broken, there is One who will pick up the pieces. When life feels hopeless, know there’s a future waiting for you! When you’ve messed up, understand that there is nothing you could ever do that can take you outside […]

It takes time, so start today

We live in a world that wants the best of everything, and wants it NOW. It’s true that we only have one life here on earth and that we need to strive towards our dreams – achieving them as quick as possible. There’s no time to waste. I was one […]

Can we back our claims?

We can claim to be anything we like, but claiming to be Superman doesn’t make me a superhero with a cape.                                                                                                                                                        Claiming to play for Liverpool won’t fool anyone, even if I’m wearing their kit! Making all these claims about who we are, and what we’ve done, and how much […]

Whatever you’re facing…

  …is real and scary. That’s why it needs to be confronted with the stature of a giant! That’s why it needs to be overpowered by the confidence of David! Goliath got the better of an entire army. But he was defeated by a scrawny, teenage boy, because David […]

Who are you?

I believe that there is good in every person. Even those who society has turned its back on, because of terrible things they might have done. We seem to have more time for people who put nice quotes on Facebook or Twitter.  Now I’m not saying that you must stop doing […]