A Different Way

Sometimes, we don’t need a different house. It just needs a new coat of paint. And often we don’t need to change everything in our lives when something isn’t working. Sometimes we just need to change the way we do things. My friend, Craig, from South Africa recently shared a passage with me where Jesus … More A Different Way

Renewed thinking

When our lives seem to be falling apart and nothing seems to be working out, it’s very easy to become disgruntled. I know that I do. We might be nice to others and treat everyone with respect but all we often get in return are snide remarks and negativity. We work hard but the money … More Renewed thinking

Already there

A friend of mine from Canada phoned me this morning to wish us a happy 2019. It was still “yesterday” in Montreal and He was on his way to family to see the new year in, while us in Australia were well into the new year. It almost made me feel as if we were … More Already there

Happy New Year

You might have had an awesome 2018, or maybe you didn’t. Whatever the case may be, we are standing at the door of a new year. No doubt you and I have things we would like to achieve in 2019. I have big plans for the new year and I know that they are impossible … More Happy New Year


You might be feeling totally worn out because you’ve been facing uphill challenges for a long time now. Here’s the thing: The view from the top of the mountain is so much more satisfying when the uphill journey requires sweat and hard-work. So, whatever struggle you are going through, you can make it. Whatever dream … More Uphill