All you need!

We all face scary things at some stage in our lives. Sometimes we make a point of doing the right thing, yet nothing seems to be going our way. We stand up for what we believe is right, but all we get in return is criticism and funny […]

Are you in the right boat?

Sometimes the boat you’re in keeps you safe. And sometimes it can be the most damaging place to be. It might just be time for you to step out of your boat. “Why would I do that?” I hear you say.  Because it’s limiting you from going where […]

Just keep moving…

Sitting on the fence is not an option if you want to make an impact. It’s an easy way to get through life. It means you’re not willing to risk anything, so you sit with others and play it safe. One good thing about sitting on the fence […]

Live your passion

We were all born with a purpose. God created every person different because only you can fulfill the plan He has for you. To find out what that is, you need to find what keeps you up at night and what makes you want to jump out of […]

It’s a question of strength…

When your fear becomes stronger than your faith, you’re on shaky ground! Faith is looking at the “impossible”, but believing it can happen. Fear is looking at what can happen, but believing it’s impossible! The difference seems small but the result can be huge. Whatever you choose to […]

To Stand or To Dance…

What a gift life is. We don’t always feel that way when our day hasn’t gone according to plan. Nobody said that life was going to be easy, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a blessing to be alive. That heart beating in […]

It’s about others…

The world teaches me to be selfish – to do whatever will make ME happy. The funny thing is that the more I focus on my own desires, the less joy it gives me. When I start pouring my energy into blessing others and praying for those around me, I become more joy-filled. It’s a crazy concept, […]