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Pour Out

The more we share, the richer we become!

Our prayer life often falls into a pattern of asking. We tend to treat God like a puppet on a string, expecting Him to move when and where we want Him to go. Maybe it’s time we approach our prayer life a little differently. By shifting our focus from what we want, to what we need, everything changes. It is when we make our prayers less about selfish desires, and more about His purpose for us,  that God’s heart begins to smile.

Rather than asking Him for stuff, let’s thank Him for the life He’s given us! Instead of being “askers”, let’s become “givers”. It’s time for the church to become the hands of feet of Jesus Christ. When Jesus walked the face of this world, His mission was completely focused on giving. And in that giving, He never held anything back, not even His very life! He took the cup that His Father filled, and poured it out onto a broken world.

Let’s ask God to fill our cup every day, not to keep it full, but, so that we can go out and empty that love, joy and peace in the world. By doing that, our lives are filled with purpose. When we choose to live like that, the lives of those around us are filled with hope. And God smiles.

Have a great day, pouring it all out!


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Surrender isn’t about giving up… it’s about letting go!

Something that society is vigorously promoting is “balance”. According to present day ideologies, we need to balance our work time, with our play time. We need to make time for ourselves and make sure that we are comfortable and cozy. But the one thing that society doesn’t mention an iota of, is God. In fact, in the eyes of the world, the scales are completely tipped in favour of our wants and our desires. God doesn’t fit into our so-called “balanced” lifestyle we are supposed to be living. And that means our scales are tipping in the wrong direction.

On the other hand, the modern-day thinking of Christians, is that we need to give God time in our lives, but there needs to be a balance. And we end up compartmentalizing our existence into a section where we keep God in a box, and a section of our lives that we don’t allow Him to enter. We have our “God day” on Sundays, and leave God in our church buildings during the rest of the week. After all, we don’t want the world to think that we are Jesus “freaks”. So, in the end, a balanced life is not what we have been called to live.

In the life of a true believer, God needs to heavily outweigh anything else that crosses our path. If Jesus allowed His comfort to outweigh His love for us, He would never have left a perfect heaven to come to a messed up world. If Jesus allowed His unfair treatment to cloud His calling, He would never have been crucified. If it was good enough for Jesus to let go of any “balance”, but rather allow His Father to tip the scales, then it should be exactly what you and I do as Christians. When we do, the scales are tipped to the exact side they need to be.

God should be the One to whom we surrender every part of our lives. There should be no balance. Because when we give Him ourselves completely, we are free from the hold of all worldly things. There is no longer a fight to balance the scales. There is only a complete desire to serve the One who gave it all for us.

Have a wonderfully, unbalanced day!

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Rolling in

His mercy is new every morning! So if yesterday was a bad day, today’s a brand new opportunity not to overlook God’s mercies poured out in your life. No matter what is happening in our lives at any given moment, there is always something to be thankful for. Things might not always turn out the way we want them to. Our giants might seem too big. The mountains in front of us might seem insurmountable. And sometimes the valleys we find ourselves in might seem like the darkest place in the world. But it’s all a question of pointing the eyes of our hearts in the right direction.

When I choose to look at the magnitude of the cross, my giants lose their strength. When I make a conscious decision to steer my heart to my Saviour, I can scale any mountain I face. When I recognize the grace and mercy that flowed for me from the broken body of Jesus Christ on that old wooden cross, then the darkest valley becomes the greenest pasture where I can find rest. When my eyes are focused on Jesus, then any attack from the enemy, fizzles out and strands of doubt are replaced by strongholds of faith.

It doesn’t mean that storms won’t come. They will! It simply means that we choose to keep company with the One who has complete control over every single storm. And even if God chooses not to still the raging winds, He always calms my heart in the midst of it all, because I choose to focus on Him. By recognizing each wave as an opportunity to put my trust in Him, it leaves no place for fear or self-pity. God’s mercies keep rolling in, despite what our circumstances might be telling us.

Amazing love how can it be, that You my King, would die for me? It’s all because of mercy and grace. Thank you Jesus!

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Share it anyway

We are living in an era of pretense. The order of the day is giving the impression of caring, yet all those efforts revolve around self-interest. Our attempts are simply aimed at making ourselves look good, while sugar-coated as being loving and inclusive. But those masks of deception will not last forever. Lies will eventually be uncovered. The truth will eventually prevail, and nothing can stop that from happening.

I have two amazing teenage sons. While they were growing up, and even now, I do not only tell them things they would like to hear. Sometimes the things I expect from them might not be what they feel like doing. When they were smaller and they asked me to play with matches, I wouldn’t allow it, irrespective of the fact that they thought it was okay. As an adult, I knew better. Their feelings take a backseat when it comes to their safety.

There is a world out there that is playing with fire. The dangerous lies that are being spread under the guise of care, by the World Economic Forum, Black Live Matter, The World Health Organisation, Climate Change Activists and Gender Fluidity Activists around the world, are being lapped up by society as absolute truth. And when the truth about these lies are spoken, it is being silenced on all platforms. Why? Because society has abandoned God!

God is Truth, and outside of Him, there is no truth! As Christians, we have been called to share that Truth with the world. They might try to silence us… share it anyway. They might call us bigots because it doesn’t suit their narrative… share it anyway. Jesus Christ didn’t come to this Earth to be politically correct, He came to this Earth to make a way for every single person, to the Father. That’s true love, unlike the misdirected idea of love that the world has.

Maybe it’s time to be reminded that love is not about me, it’s about my neighbour. It’s not about what makes me look good, it’s about what’s best for my neighbour. It’s not about tickling the ears of others to make them feel good about their lifestyles, it’s about sharing the Truth even when it hurts. Because it’s what’s best for my neighbour. I would rather be truthful and see someone come to Christ, than sweeten them up with lies and watch them die spiritually.

Have a wonderful day, covered in God’s Truth.


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It is Done

Freedom is not the freedom to indulge the flesh, it’s freedom from the flesh.

One thing that most of us can agree on, is that our fleshly desires usually end up in temporary happiness, but long term regret. When we base our concept of freedom on being able to do whatever we feel like doing, we are actually not free at all, but are chained down by our impulse to satisfy our fleshly desires, no matter what it takes.

There was a time in my life when I had a problem with alcohol. It was something that my flesh desired and was very content when getting it. But that wasn’t freedom. I might have been free to walk into a bar and buy a drink or ten, but I was in bondage by the very thing that I wanted more than anything. Getting what you want, isn’t freedom. Not having control over desires that are to your own detriment, is bondage.

The sad news is that we do not have the power to break the chains of our desires. The Good News is that someone does. More than 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to this world. And His mission was to die! Why on Earth, would the King of Kings, leave His throne and choose to do something that would cause the world leaders of the time, to doubt His power and authority. It just didn’t make Earthly sense.

There is one reason why Jesus chose to be humiliated, punched, whipped, spat on, and die… LOVE. Because He loves us, He wants the best for us. And the best for us is for the chains to be broken that anchor us to our fleshly desires. Those fleshly desires that lead to destruction and death. And when you love someone, you want the best for them. Jesus died on that cross because He wants the best for us… True Freedom.

So today, as we remember our Saviour who took our place on that cross, why don’t you choose a life in Him. A life free from bondage and destruction. If you do, you can say, like Jesus did; “It is done!”

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A beacon of light, shining in a dark tunnel, leads the blind to safety.

We are bombarded with advice every single day. But the more time moves forward, the further we regress. And it’s all because of the advice we are given by a society that has no moral compass. The world’s idea of progress seems to correlate directly with advice to disintegrate into a society void of any morals and standards. And its done under the guise of caring!

The problem with this, is that advice is supposed to improve not confuse. The way we are advised to see gender is so confusing that those offering guidance don’t even know the difference between a man and a woman. I certainly won’t touch advice like that with a ten-foot pole. We are advised to be disgusted in ourselves when we don’t agree with what the so-called experts are telling us. The same experts who keep back-flipping on things every second day!

The other problem with this is that advice without guidance has no real substance. Our actions should be way ahead of our advice. If leaders want to push aspects about climate change that they seem to consider as so important, they need to talk less and prove more. A good place to start would be to live less of a privileged life – maybe even move to a treehouse that has no carbon footprint. I don’t listen to people who’s advise is so far removed from their reality.

The only advice I take without blinking an eye, is God’s. His Word not only advises, but guides. Jesus’ words were amazing when He walked the face of this Earth. But the thing that makes Christ the undoubtable beacon, is that He ultimately practised what He preached; not only when it was easy to do. And Christ desires that from His church. He calls us to be the light that guides society to the Truth. And we need to do that by living what we say.

So, let us, as Christians, lead the way. Instead of telling the world how to live, let’s live it! Have a great day.



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A life with no heavenly purpose, is like an earthly race without a finish line.

Truly following Christ, will not give you an easy and comfortable life. In fact, it will mean a life of sacrifice to self. It means we need to focus on heavenly things instead of worldly ones. To be a Christian means to awaken every fiber of your being, every single day. It means that we must stay focused on the race God has called us to run while we walk the face of this planet. It requires discipline.

Society’s purpose is to serve society. It’s one rooted in “self” that always ends in disappointment and frustration because it’s temporary in nature. God’s purpose for the world is one of love and redemption. Its foundation isn’t built on selfishness, but on being selfless. The same selflessness that Christ showed when he gave himself to be crucified, so that we may live.

We can, not for a single moment, be distracted by the purposelessness of the world. We must keep running towards the goal that God has placed before us. We are called to be His hands and feet in a world that is broken and in need of direction. But to do that, we must make sure that our lives are deeply rooted in Him. Every step demands discipline. Every nerve must be focused.

Have an amazing day!

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No Height

If the foundation of faith is not embedded in our hearts, the power to endure will crumble.

It’s a simple concept: the higher we want to go up, the deeper we need to go down at the start. And when we reach those dizzying heights, let’s never forget the absolute necessity of our foundations and keep focusing on them. The foundation of life is God. He is the creator and author of all things. The reason why society is so shaky today, is because we are attacking those very foundations.

It seems to be the world’s agenda to break down the very foundational institutions that God had set in place. By doing that, we are saying, “There’s a better foundation than God!” We are trying to build our lives on our own flawed ideas. For that very reason, instead of society reaching great heights, it is plummeting into despairing depths. It’s time we begin to root ourselves on the One True Rock.

Let’s stop focusing on the small things and start building our lives on the foundation that will never let us falter and never let us fall. The foundation that will allow us to stand tall for Christ, in the midst of a society that is crumbling.

Have a great day!

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Indescribable Peace

How anyone can believe that society, in its own attempt, has created a world of peace, is beyond me. Inherently, we are selfish and will do anything to be heard and seen; all because we want to be accepted and acknowledged. That’s just the way the flesh works. It’s all about me.

The truth is, that we have been created to acknowledge God, not ourselves or other people. The only time I will find true peace in my life, is when I stop looking for the approval of those around me, and start living in acknowledgement of who God is and what He has done for me. When that becomes the focus of my life, then the the fleshly desire to be more and want more is swallowed up by the knowledge that God is all I need and He becomes all I want.

Since the beginning of time, mankind has tried in every single way to rule this world, and has dismally failed. Every single human has tried to rule their own life in an attempt to find significance and acceptance, and has failed. If it hasn’t worked since the beginning of time, it’s safe to say it never will. Why not allow God to take control and see how life changes from chaos to peace, and hate to love. He loves you and accepts you without any pre-existing conditions.

Have an amazing day!