Make it Count!

The things that people have invented are amazing. We have come up with solutions to so many problems but the one thing we have no control over is death. We all have to face that appointment one day, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We can either choose to worry about that day … More Make it Count!

Not another day…

Not sure who this is for today, but we all need to be reminded of God’s amazing grace. We live in a world where things are said without much thought going into it and where things are done without any consideration about the consequences. We live in a world of survival of the fittest and … More Not another day…

Facing your Giants

God won’t call you to do something that you can do in your own strength. What would be the point?┬áHe calls us to do something that is out of our capability range and outside what we could ever have imagined is possible. David was a scrawny little shepherd boy who didn’t make the cut to … More Facing your Giants

Don’t look back

Our past is there to learn from, our present is here to live to the full (or as my friend Kurt often says, “Carpe Diem”) and our future is there to keep us focused. When Elisha was called to the purpose that God had for Him in 1 Kings 19, he did something strange. Before … More Don’t look back