About 15 years ago, American Samoa played a soccer match and lost 31-0. It’s still a record score for an international soccer game. At that stage they were ranked stone last on the FIFA world rankings. The amazing thing is that the soccer world felt embarrassed for them, […]

past vs. FUTURE

At 6:25 this morning I was woken up by some serious shaking going on. It felt as if it was part of a dream but I soon realised it wasn’t. It was a 6.6 magnitude earthquake that was rocking our apartment building in Darwin. One week ago, Darwin […]

If not now then when?

Procrastination is something that causes great ideas and world-changing innovations to never see the light of day. That great ambition was birthed in you for a reason. You have something to offer the world and you are the only one that can make it happen. That day you […]

Missing the Moments that Matter

The day that screens become more important than sunsets and other people, is a sad day! That day has come. We used to care about one another and enjoy telling great stories, laughing, having braais (BBQ’s) together and enjoying the social side of life. I remember growing up […]


IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE (Education in Crisis) Today’s education programs and practices are teaching students that that it’s all about them. We don’t necessarily say it, but we practice it in our schools. We redevelop programs to suit the preferences of students. Now don’t get me wrong… there […]