One by One

I recently heard Andy Gourley speak about the organisation that he founded. It’s called Red Frogs. They’re a bunch of Christian volunteers who are the living church. They focus on Schoolies in Australia where young adults who finish school, get together in large numbers to celebrate the end of their school careers. I’m sure you … More One by One

When life throws us those first few curve balls, we often aren’t prepared. The more they come, the better we become at dealing with them. We know that we have a coach in the dug out who has taught us how to deal with each one and is on our side. He isn’t waiting to … More

Ups and Downs

We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced times when our successes have made us think a bit more of ourselves than we ought to. But the opposite is also true. During those down times when we tried and failed, we often forgot that our failed attempts don’t make us a failure. It’s the attempt that … More Ups and Downs