The fewer consequences we face, the more daring we will become as a society. Daring in a negative way! Without reprimand, we tend to push the boundaries and challenge the rules. This leads to a lawless society where the undisciplined prosper and the moral wonder how nobody seems to get it, […]

Your actions shout louder!

In a world of technology and social media it is so easy to fool the world. We put up all those photos and posts that paint the rosiest pictures of where our lives are at. It’s about trying to outdo all your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers and other Instagrammers. We […]

Don’t prepare for half the victory!

We continuously reach points in our lives where things can go one of 2 ways. If we choose to listen to that lying chatterbox in our heads, we are defeated. He keeps telling me that I’m getting old and I haven’t achieved much in my life. He tells me that I haven’t created an environment […]

Too busy doing nothing!

I have come to the conclusion that most of us are missing out on life. We’re either too busy with things that don’t add real value to our lives, or we’re trying too hard to look busy. How many of us are in a job that we don’t […]


When Jesus died He said: “It is finished!” That meant 2 things. It meant that it was the END. The end to sin having control over us. The end to living a life as a victim. The end to needing to feel alone and abandoned. By dying on […]