There’s a reason

There are times when we feel aimless. When we feel as if we don’t belong and nobody understands us. Those are the times when we feel alone and struggle to understand our purpose. You are here for a reason. Your heart is still beating because you have a God-given purpose that only you can fulfil … More There’s a reason

Take 2

Some days it just seems as if nothing wants to work out. You feel a bit down and not in the mood for much. Even though we know we have so much to be thankful for, we sometimes just don’t feel it. Here’s some good news – the sun is going to rise tomorrow and … More Take 2

Take that Risk

Noah was taking a huge risk when he started building a boat, which by the way, was something that was never seen before on earth up until that time. HE was well past retirement age when he started building. He was risking his health! He was risking his reputation and how people would view his … More Take that Risk