Silent Lies

“Whoever is declared to be the biggest victim, gets to be the biggest bully.” What a world we live in today! The chaos that reigns all boils down to seeing truth as a relative concept that fits in with our own agendas. Whereas those who propagate political correctness have the right to their own opinion, … More Silent Lies

No matter what

I’m not sure what you have been told or what you have chosen to believe, but there is never a point in your life that is completely void of hope. Our circumstances don’t remove hope from our lives… our lack of faith does. There are examples of people who have been through, and are going … More No matter what

Love moves first

There are so many flippantly used definitions of love out there. We are bombarded with the idea that love is about me and what makes me happy. We are told that when our love fades, we need to move on – that there is no point in sticking around once we’ve “fallen out of love.” … More Love moves first

Why not

You can’t make a positive impact with a negative mindset. It is said that we become the sum total of the people we spend the most time with. When I look at society today, the result of what’s happening around us doesn’t bid well for the people we might become if we don’t keep focus. … More Why not