No matter who we are, we all want to change some things in our lives. Maybe, for some, it’s slowing down and spending more time doing things that really matter. For others it might be working towards that promotion. And still others might just find themselves in dire straits and want to get out of … More Doors

Who am I

Whether we want to know it or not, we allow ourselves to be influenced by others. Japanese food has become fashionable, so we start eating sushi. Coffee shops are the new trend, so that’s where we hang out, irrespective of the fact that we might despise caffeine. The thing is… we are all looking for … More Who am I


Patience in a world that teaches “Time is money” and is obsessed with “Picking up the pace”, is a very scarce commodity. We all love our holidays! It’s because we secretly desire a more relaxed lifestyle but we fail to live it. And we fail to live that way, because we lack the patience. The … More Patience

When to be Silent

  While having coffee with a friend of mine this morning, he shared a story that really spoke to me. After finishing school, he volunteered with the IEC in his hometown in South Africa. This was 1994. The eve of the 1st democratic election in that country’s history. It was an emotional time for all … More When to be Silent


I’m not sure about you, but there’s something about the unknown that excites me. I can’t think of anything more boring than knowing exactly where I’m going..¬†We would love to move closer to Covenant College. This is where Bev teaches and where the boys both attend school. Six weeks ago we had to give notice … More Unknown