Step up

We all have regrets about things we’ve never tried, and fears about things we are yet to attempt. Taking that first step towards doing that which we know we were created to do seems too daunting. The point between where we are and where we want to be is just too far apart. But it’s … More Step up


Countries all over the world are engaged in peace talks, yet international tension keeps rising. Counsellors are inundated with couples coming to see them, yet family violence is at an all time high. Society is telling us that we have a right to everything and that we need to do whatever makes us happy, yet … More Peace

Off – Season

The real me comes out at midnight, in the kitchen, when everyone else in the house is asleep. My mom always told her 4 sons not to drink milk from the bottle – and we never did when others were around. But true character would reveal itself when it needed a drink in the presence … More Off – Season


Every action in this world will bear a consequence. And even though consequence for our actions might appear to be missing in society today, be assured that everything we do either builds someone (or ourselves) up, or breaks them down. What we do in this life, ripples in eternity, so what better way to prepare … More Ripples