What will it be?

Our choices tell the world who we are! I want the world to see me as a warrior… not a worrier. But more than that, I want that reflection of who I am to be real. There’s a trend in society to portray something that isn’t necessarily reality – I call it a “plastic reality” … More What will it be?

Average is Overrated

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every barking dog!“ I struggle to understand the direction the world is going. It seems to be spinning in the opposite direction to what God intended it to. But the “anti-God” and “anti-moral” spin that is put on everything is beginning to … More Average is Overrated


The world has lost all sense of morality and decency, because the noise of the world is drowning out those very morals that should be guiding us as a society. We weren’t created to do whatever we please. If that were true, then there shouldn’t be a judicial system. Slowly but surely, society is corroding … More Distractions