Stay away from the flat, easy route. You might move quicker, but it’s not always about who gets there first. If all we see in front of us is a plain, we need to go looking for our mountain. It might seem insurmountable, but a challenge is never a bad thing. Let’s not focus on … More Climb


Nineteen years ago I lived in darkness. Maybe not that bad. Bev and I lived in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. There was so much air pollution that the sun never made an appearance. It took a weekend away in Hong Kong to rise above the muck and see the sun in its full glory again. I recently … More Shine

Start Today

I’m staying in my job because it’s familiar and it’s too much effort to change. I’m staying put where I live because I’m comfortable. What happens if I make a change and it doesn’t work out? What happens if I pursue my passion and it turns out different to what I imagined. It just isn’t … More Start Today


There has been such an emphasis on mental health in Australia, following the recent death of a well-known sportsman. Sharing your issues and talking about your problems with someone is a good idea, but not really a solution to a huge issue in modern day society. I believe that the best way to be content, … More Gratitude