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Don’t …

When we have a worldview that this life is all there is, we tend to put all our effort into making sure that we are as comfortable as possible. That makes sense. But what doesn’t make sense is believing that our lives are just random, and that we simply exist for no real purpose at all. There is no way that anyone can truly believe that the universe came into existence through some or other random event.

If we don’t doubt that everything we see in our homes, in our streets and in our cities have been made by someone, then why is it so implausible that our perfect universe, was created by a perfect God? There is no doubt in my mind that God is the creator of all things. There is no doubt that He is eternal and that there is an eternity waiting for us.

Because of that, this life is but a wink of the eye compared to what is waiting for us. Why then, would we choose short Earthly comfort, to replace an eternity in the presence of God? He has put us here on Earth, to make a difference. We were born for a time such as this, when the world is in desperate need of direction.

But if we choose to allow our comfort, to stop us from reaching out to a world in need,  we are the ones who are losing out. There is nothing as soul-warming as letting go of things that are holding us back, and stepping into a future of purpose. There is nothing more rewarding than opening the cage of comfort that ensnares us, and flying to the calling that God has for us.

Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in that cage! Don’t sacrifice a life of purpose for a life of comfort! Just don’t do it!

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Tomorrow belongs to God

You don’t have to see the whole staircase to be able to take the first step.

It is said that the one thing most people regret, when looking back on their lives, is the failure to take risks. It certainly is true that risks might lead to failure, but the failure to risk, in itself, is the greatest disservice we can do to ourselves.

Living a “safe” life might be safe, but a ship was never built to stay in the harbour. In the same way, God created you and me, to take risks, because a relationship with Him is based on faith. And we all know that faith is what we employ when we can’t control the outcome. And the day we realise that God is in control of everything, we will untie that rope that fastens us to life’s harbour.

The moment we sail off into the unknown, is the moment that our adventure with God truly begins. In our eyes it might be a risk to travel into unchartered waters, but it warms God’s heart when we choose to trust Him with our tomorrows. As Christians we know that all our tomorrows belong to God. He has, and always will be in control. And the sooner we let go and let God take control of our lives, the sooner we will truly begin to live.

Today, I choose to truly live. I choose to untie the rope of comfort that is holding me back from reaching my full potential for God. I choose to trust God, to whom tomorrow belongs, and to live the rest of my life for Him.

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Every Action

Sometimes, a break in routine is what we need to make us realise that earthly thing are of no value in eternity.

Why is it that we spend all our time and energy, focusing on the here and now? Don’t we realise that what we accumulate on Earth, is of no lasting consequence? Don’t we stop and wonder why we invest so much of ourselves to things that will fade and disappear?  It is ridiculous to pour ourselves into something that amounts to nothing.

The only way we can live a life of purpose, is to focus on eternity. The only way that our lives will amount to anything of real substance, is when our actions are linked to our eternal mindset. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t want to gain everything this world has to offer, at the expense of honouring My Father in heaven.

It’s time for every Christian to step up and focus on what’s eternal, rather than on what’s comfortable. You see, comfort is what the enemy uses to lull Christians into a false  sense of contentment.  As soon as our lives get too comfortable, we tend to focus on the things of this world. But when we are out there on the battlefield, we know that we need God.

I want my life to reflect an eternal mindset, not a  temporary waste of time. There are people out there who are dying without Christ, while we are sitting in our comfortable auditoriums, focusing on our own needs as a church. Let’s get our hands dirty, in order to get our hearts in line with God’s will.

Have an amazing day!

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It doesn’t depend

The main difference between happiness and joy, is that joy doesn’t depend on our circumstances. The only way anyone can experience true joy, is to know the true God, the creator of heaven and Earth – the One who created each of us in His image.

There’s a reason why there are more suicides today than ever before. It’s not surprising that depression has become a serious modern-day problem. People are trying to find something that will give them peace and joy, but never find it. We never find it because we keep looking in all the wrong places. We run after happiness, when what we need is joy!

Finding happiness only solves the problem temporarily. When we experience financial issues, our happiness takes a nose-dive. When relationships turn sour, our happiness glass is filled with disillusionment. And this all happens because we are trying to find contentment in temporary things. It’s time to look in a different place, for something more lasting.

Joy is eternal and is found in an eternal God. When we put our faith in Him, we have an “even if” attitude. Even if our circumstances aren’t fantastic, we know that God is still in control. Even if God doesn’t make a way out of a difficult spot, He is always there with us. Even if this life is tough, we know that there is an eternity with Him waiting for us.

And that is where joy is found. Remember, never to let anything fill you so with sorrow, as to forget the joy of Christ risen.

Have an amazing day.

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Only way to be Real

In a world that is expecting us to be something that we weren’t created to be, we will never find true peace. And we will never be content. But, there’s an “unless”. We will never find true joy in this world, unless we have a relationship with Father God. Our Father is the One who created us, as a potter uses clay. And in that “creation process”, He knew exactly what His plan was.

But then, sin grabbed hold of us and the enemy tried to thwart God’s plan with his lies and deception. But what we need to remember, is that Satan isn’t in control, God is! Despite what the world may think, God has never given away His authority. He is, and always will be the only One who reigns.

Because God created us with a plan for our lives, He is the only One in whom we need to put our trust. He is the only One who really knows who we are. And when we have a living relationship with Him, we begin to know who we are also! We don’t need to try and be who the world wants us to be. We just need to be real; and be who God created us to be.

So, if you’re tired of pretending and trying to please everyone, yet still feeling empty, start to be yourself. And the only way to do that is to know your Father, who created you.

Have an amazing day!

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Grace, like water, flows to the lowest part.

When we look at the direction the world is moving in, a natural response is “Enough!” It seems as if society is hell-bent on self -destruction. The decisions that are being made by worldly authorities boggles the mind. And what is even crazier, is that the majority are eagerly following. It’s like a flock of sheep, running straight towards a cliff.

No matter what is happening around us. No matter what our circumstances might be. There is one thing we need to allow to echo in our minds: “His Grace is ENOUGH!” And his grace hasn’t  only been poured out for His followers, while he was hanging on the cross, it was also poured out for those who don’t know Him; for the very ones who despise Him.

So, there’s 2 points I quickly want to make. If you know Christ, then know that His grace is enough. Know that what He has done on the cross is more than we ever could deserve. And whatever we are going through here on Earth is nothing compared to the beauty that is waiting for us when we meet Him face to face. Let that be, what we focus on.

If you know Christ, then also know that He died for everyone. That includes the person who is bullying you at school, and the rude colleague. That includes the evil tyrants and the greedy politicians. That even includes every person sitting on death row. Just like them, we don’t deserve anything. But that’s what grace is. It seeps into the lowest places.

So we certainly need to stand up for what is right and speak out against bullies and tyrants and politicians, but we also need to pray for them. Pray that they will turn to God and accept His grace. Because, even though His grace is for everyone, we have to repent and accept it, before it can be applied to our lives. Let’s pray for our enemies. It’s the right thing to do.

Have an amazing day!

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His Love

God’s love will never leave you, and never disappoint you.

I’ve had a pretty ordinary last few weeks. An inflammation has set in my right knee, which has immobilised me for a while. Hobbling around on crutches is unbelievably frustrating, when  sport used to form an integral part of your life. Maybe “getting older” is also part of it. And there’s nothing we can do about that.

Although it might be frustrating, their is absolutely no place for self-pity when I know that my God loves me so much. He was there when I used to run around on the sports field, just as He is here with me, while I struggle to move from room to room. The fact that I’m impeded doesn’t mean He loves me any less.

And it certainly doesn’t mean that I love Him any less. Whatever earthly pain you might be going through, God is there with you in the eye of the storm. In fact, it’s during the stormy days, that we realise how good He is and how much we need Him. So, instead of having a pity-party, I choose to praise Him for His goodness.

Have a wonderful day, knowing that God loves you.

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What the world needs

Love is the only force capable of turning an enemy, into a friend!

Something I struggle with every single day, is to not have hatred in my heart towards people who hate me. The cancel culture we live in, loves to hate us because we want morals and principles in society. We are hated because our faith doesn’t fit in with the world’s agenda. So, how are we supposed to respond?

Should we remain quiet and let the world continue on a course of self-destruction? Of course not! We must speak up and act against injustices. We must challenge the world and make it known that there is a better way. But the only way it will have any impact, is to challenge them in love. That’s what Jesus would do!

Someone once said, “Share the Gospel, and if you must, use words. The Gospel is all about repentance, forgiveness, love and grace. It’s about allowing the Holy Spirit to work in our lives so that we are filled with more love, and emptied of hate. It’s more our example that will change the world, than empty words.

Father God, today, help me to stand up for what is right, but do it in love. Amen

Have an awesome day!

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You Can

The only 3 things we need to change the world are vision, passion and action!

Nobody can argue that the world is flying down a highway to hell. What is supposed to be common sense, has been replaced with craziness. Any form of morality has been dismissed for a loss of principles and values. We have become a society that is  steering ourselves on a road to self-destruction, while presenting our journey as one that is heading towards a brighter future.

How can it be possible that we think killing 73 000 000 babies every year through abortion is for the greater good? But we are told to consider the rights of women, yet not spare a thought for the innocent party in all of this… the unborn baby! Here’s a thought. If you think you are mature enough to have sex, then maybe you should act mature enough not to kill the consequence of your actions. Yet, the majority of the world remains silent!

Why is it perfectly okay to scream for the rights of people to do with their bodies as they please, yet it doesn’t apply when it comes to untested and unsafe vaccines? Governments across the world are forcing people to take something that is causing more harm, than the illness it is supposed to prevent. These mandates are destroying the lives of people across the globe. It is causing  segregation. Yet, the majority of the world remains silent!

Society is very cautious when it comes to handing down sentences to minors, when they have committed a serious crime. It is made very clear that they are too young to make informed decisions. And are therefore let off the hook. Yet, in the same breath, the same authorities find it completely plausible to give complete decision-making powers to  4 and 5 year olds to choose whether they want to identify as a boy or a girl. And the majority remains silent.

I can go on and on about the warped direction society is moving into. In spite of the seriousness of our situation, most of us just swim with the stream. We do whatever we are told, without choosing to believe that the majority doesn’t always get it right. In fact, history proves to us, time and time again, that the majority is often the cause of most of the atrocities that have happened. And still, we choose to allow society to think for us.

However many times someone tells you that you can’t change the world… know that YOU CAN! Every change that happened in history, happened because One person had enough passion to take action. And it was that passion and action that got others on board. And it is that passion and action that can make our world a better place. Don’t be part of the majority that remains silent. Be the difference you want to see in the world.

When we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, we have strong convictions. We cannot be silent and trade our convictions for complacency. Stand up for what is right, even if you stand alone. The truth will prevail!

Have a great day!