It shows

Gandhi once said, “Action expresses priorities.” We might have that desire in our hearts to do more. We might be waiting for the right time to live out those intentions. We might even have some seemingly valid excuse why we aren’t living out that purpose that we are fully aware of. The sad truth is … More It shows


We all want to find the right track and direction for our lives. Come to think of it, that’s basically what our main objective is – what is my purpose and which road do I take to get there. As a Christian, I believe that God reveals that purpose to us and it’s the one … More Move!


We all seem to be living our lives focusing on the things we want, believing that once we have them, they will bring us happiness and contentment. And only then can we look at helping others. If I can just get that promotion, then I’ll be where I have always wanted to be in life … More Give

Within Me

We always have a choice how we decide to deal with the personal storms we may be facing. It’s so easy to feel sorry for ourselves and allow our circumstances to control our perspective. The truth is, we may not always be able to control our circumstances, but how we react to them is ALWAYS … More Within Me


Birds know that the dawn is coming way before the sun rises. Just go outside when it’s still dark in the early hours of the morning and hear for yourself. They don’t need to see the sun to know that it’s coming. They don’t focus on the dark, but instead sing about a bright day … More Dawn