Even when we feel that we have lost everything, a single thread of hope is all we need to keep going. The problem is that we consider the loss of things and people as the be all and end all of our existence, Even when the world around us seems to be falling apart and … More Hope

Stand out

“The best thing I ever received, was given some time ago. It lifted me up, while making Him low.” Every year there is less of Jesus and more of a crowd mentality brought into Christmas. Every Christmas seems to become more about our wants and less about our needs. We don’t need gifts and an … More Stand out


Look beyond the boundaries of your mind and the restrictions you have placed there. Whatever that dream that has been brewing in your heart, keep it alive. But do more than that – pursue it. Look beyond the doubt that tells you you’re not good enough. There’s place for doubt, or there’s place for courage … More Beyond…


We cannot build our hope on an ever changing foundation of confusion. It only becomes real when built on a solid rock. Ever wonder why we often feel lost and confused? Why there are more suicides and mental health issues than ever before? Ever think about why we love to portray a happy life on … More Despite

Let’s be Blunt

The fact that the world and its ideas don’t make sense, doesn’t mean that you and I don’t belong here. It doesn’t mean that we are crazy! Everything that is truth and that has been working perfectly well for centuries, is currently being viewed as offensive. The question is, offensive to whom? Why is society … More Let’s be Blunt