It’s never too late…

If you’ve been knocked down by life’s challenges, this is for you! You might be lying on the canvas right now, waiting for the countdown – ready to give up! Please DON’T! You were born to win and the canvas is no place for a champion. There’s no shame in being knocked down […]

He is Real

How crazy is it that the people who criticize God the most, don’t believe in Him. How can you complain about something that, according to you, doesn’t exist? I believe, that deep down, everybody knows that God exists and that He is the Creator. The problem is that we want Him to […]

Nowhere else to turn!

We look for answers in bottles, relationships and technology. There are so many questions that don’t seem to have any answers. We frantically run around trying to find a quick solution to our problems because we hate to feel uncomfortable. We live in a world that tries to cut out any form […]

Even if You don’t…

Today, we either seem to reject the existence of God, or we serve Him because of what He can do to make us get ahead in life. It’s not that easy to say with a genuine heart, that God doesn’t exist when you simply look up into the […]

Being the Difference!

One of my favourite verses in the bible is Romans 4: 25… “He was delivered over to death for our sins…” Doesn’t that just blow you away? The fact that Jesus, who was without sin and who was the only person to ever walk this earth that didn’t […]

A Fake Reality

Most of us are living a fake reality. We might be “connected” to thousands of people all over the world on social media, but we struggle to connect with the people who are an arm’s length away. Our families are playing second fiddle to people we don’t even really know. Do […]


It’s an old African proverb that probably irks a lot of people. We are very seldom willing to be humble enough to obey. Our world tells us to do whatever we feel like doing and not to conform to everyone else. That rules are meant to be broken and […]