This morning I was doing my early morning swimming routine, when a ridiculous reality hit me. It probably happened because swimming a few kilometers gets the mind going. There’s nothing else to do but swim and think. I came to the conclusion that comparing oneself to another is a dangerous practice. There were swimmers in … More Comparison


Even though we would like to do whatever we please, it wouldn’t be good for us. I’d love to drink 25 coffees a day, but it wouldn’t be the best idea. Some of us would love to act on every impulse we have, but imagine if everyone did whatever they pleased without any consideration for … More Boundaries


Our perception and attitude determines everything. It’s the old “glass half full/half empty conundrum. And it’s not something we are born with! None of us are born with prejudice, hatred or a negative view of things. We develop them as we spend time in this world – as we watch how the human race act … More Up

The Road is Rough

We so often want our journey to be smooth. But the thing is that a smooth journey doesn’t develop character, it only enforces our affinity for comfort. We are so focused on being comfortable, that we even try to smooth out the journey for the next generation. It has become practice today to set up … More The Road is Rough