No you don’t

“If you have no opposition in the place you serve, you are serving in the wrong place.“ The lack of opposition in our lives, is directly proportionate to the lack of action. The easiest way to avoid criticism and opposition, is to never step out of our comfort zones – to never dare to stand … More No you don’t

Right side up

This is a brief life. But in it’s brevity it offers us some splendid opportunities. The question is… Will we take them? When we live our lives never thinking of our own mortality, we tend to be selfish. And the trends in society characterize exactly that – selfishness. I believe that being self absorbed is … More Right side up


This morning I got the sad news that a friend of mine in Sydney passed away. He had been diagnosed with cancer a few months ago but seemed to be going really well whenever I spoke to him. It wasn’t really the words that gave me that idea, but more his attitude. Two years ago, … More Reflect


Our current world situation is the perfect breeding ground for something far more devastating than what we are made to believe about COVID. It is the perfect environment for us to stop and think about life. In a sense, that’s a good thing. It allows us to slow down and philosophy on life and its … More Surrounded


It is said that an adult is faced with making an average of 30 000 decisions every single day. Some of those may be seemingly insignificant ones, whereas others can mean the difference between a life of direction or a life of aimless wandering. But what might seem like “small” decisions for some of us, … More Decisions