Five Minute Message

Welcome to Why not Impact “Five Minute Messages”

This page will soon become active and have short, inspiring messages that will also be available as podcasts.

We have realised that short and sharp messages are far more effective than long ones, especially when we are called to minister to those who are looking for hope and purpose. Modern day church has become more of a country club gathering and less of what Jesus called the church to be. Meeting as Christians should be about reaching the lost and loving the unloved. Jesus sat around a fire, loving the outcasts. We sit in comfort, turn our backs on the world and have our internal meetings with no time for the lost. It’s time to become real, church. So grab a cuppa, and enjoy these messages. We pray that they will not only encourage, but also a challenge. Have an amazing day and God bless. 

Please send me an email at if you have any questions or would just like to chat. Have a beautiful day and thanks so much for joining us.

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