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That’s Enough

The more we choose to focus on gratitude, the less place we have in our lives for greed!

In a world where we are told to focus on material things, Christ is calling us to be different.  He calls us to look at what really matters.  Of what real consequence is all the stuff we accumulate on Earth? Why would we place so much value on material possessions, when all that it does, is lead to stress and anxiety?  In all my travels, I have found that those who have the least, but have Christ, are the most content of all.

Can you say with me, “I am here, I am loved by God, God is good, and that’s enough.” When we choose to wake up each morning and thank God for a new day, that gratitude is set into motion. When we rather choose to thank Him for His grace, than thank Him for material things, that gratitude becomes so much stronger. Because things can disappear from our lives, but grace never will. In fact, it’s His grace that leads us home when we choose to follow Him.

It’s a choice, so we need to choose today what our attitude will be. Will it be to curse God for not giving us what we want. Or will it be to praise God for giving us so much more than what we could ever deserve. As for me and my household, we choose to live our lives in gratitude.

Have an amazing day.


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