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When we focus on ourselves, being overwhelmed is a bad thing. When we focus on God, it is something amazing!

Anything with the word ‘over’ in front of it is not healthy. But that gets flipped on its head when it comes to understanding God’s greatness.  When He opened His mouth, galaxies came into existence. When He spoke, light flew at astronomical speeds. God set the boundaries for the oceans, and they obey. His greatness is overwhelming.

‘Overwhelming’ turns into something beautiful when we look at the cross.  The King, who has everything, chose to leave His holy throne. He gave up His perfect seat in heaven. He also gave up His life for you and me, in order to pay our debts. Why would He do that. The answer is a four-letter word – LOVE.

Why are we so easily impressed by ‘influencers’ and other random people who have all our attention, but care nothing for us? And why are we so oblivious to the greatness of God when He is the creator of all things and the giver of all life. He is the One who wants to know each one of us personally.  We should take a moment and think about those questions. It might just flip the switch.

Let’s become overwhelmed by God’s love and greatness. And underwhelmed by mere mortals. Don’t get it the wrong way around.


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