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Truly Blessed

When we remind ourselves that God is enough, only then do we live a truly thankful life.

There are times when we feel sorry for ourselves because we believe that our lives are undeservedly tough and that we have been dealt an unfair hand. We even feel that God ‘owes’ us more. But here’s something we need to remember: God owes us nothing! He is God and we are the ones who owe Him everything.

Please understand that I am not downplaying anything about anyone who is going through a difficult time.  Nobody wants to struggle. Nobody wants to go through life struggling to survive. And God is certainly not wishing those heartaches on us. But sometimes, it takes darkness for us to appreciate the light. It takes pain to appreciate the good times. It takes hard times to look up and recognise God.

And the best thing we can do when we are desperate, is to praise God. It might not be what we feel like doing. In fact, we might rather feel like cursing Him. But, by thanking God for the gift life during those times when we can’t see how we are going to take one more step, something shifts. We then begin to see what we have, instead of what we don’t.

Even if we have lost every single thing we own, and every single person we love, we can never lose God. He is always there waiting with open arms for us to come to Him. And when we do, we will begin to realise that the only thing that really matters, and the only thing of real value in this life, is knowing Him. Our life here on Earth is but a smidgen of eternity. Why then, are we so focused on our comfort here, when there’s an eternity to consider.

And by the way, when we are struggling, there are always people out there struggling more. God has called us to be part of the solution. He has called us to reach out and lessen their pain. By doing that, we also see less of what we are going through and develop more of God’s heart. So, for those who are going through a painful time, I am praying for you. I pray that you look up and know that God is enough. And by simply knowing Him, we are truly blessed.

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  1. Beautiful message!

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