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Look Beyond

The answer to the age-old question, “What’s the purpose of life?” begins to reveal itself when we look at the cross. What millions of people have been trying to figure out since the beginning of time, was planted on Golgotha. Two beams of wood that was meant to destroy one man, brought life to all of mankind.

Trying to find purpose in earthly things, will only lead to earthly disappointments. All material things are temporary. What’s the point in placing our identity in them? When we do, it simply means that we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. Stock markets can crash, and the housing market can plummet. Our health can fail us, and our popularity can dwindle. Yet, those are exactly the places where society is telling us to find our security.

On the other hand, finding our purpose in Christ, will always lead to heavenly joy. When we look at the cross, we see the vertical beam reaching to the heavens. The horizontal beam is reaching out to all of mankind – every tongue and every nation. But it would be two meaningless pieces of wood without our Saviour. Because of Him, we can reach out to heaven and have a relationship with God the Father. Because of Him we can reach out to our neighbour and share God’s love. And that, my friends, is the purpose of our existence.

So, let’s be bold and live a life that looks beyond our own selfish desires. Let’s take our eyes off the mediocrity and safety of the shore. Our purpose is found outside our comfort zone. It’s found when we swim towards the horizon, knowing that we can’t do it on our own. Only when we look beyond what we are capable of doing, and we start trusting God to use us out of our depth, do we truly begin to live a life of purpose.

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