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Never Again

In the movie ‘Troy’, Achilles tells King Agamemnon how he wishes for a king who would fight his own battles. In Jesus, we have a King who went a step further – He fought our war against sin, and walked out of the tomb, victorious.

You see, Jesus didn’t fight the battle for His own benefit, as all kings do. Jesus certainly didn’t die for His own benefit. He did it for one reason alone – Love. He fought the battle against sin on our behalf and He smashed it. The stone was rolled away, the tomb is empty, and we are victorious for a battle in which we never needed to fight. Never again, do we need to be chained by our past life. No more, does sin have a hold on us if we choose to honour the King who fought in our place.

The mention of Barabbas, a miserable sinner, being set free instead of Jesus, is our story. Every one of us is Barabbas. We have been smudged by sin; some more than others, but nobody is blemish-free.  When God saw the depth of sin that mankind had sunken into, He could have left us where we deserved to be left. But not our God. He chose to be Emmanuel. He chose to be with us in bodily form and hang on the cross in the place of Barabbas. He took our place! What other king would do that?

And because of that immeasurable love He has for us, we never again need to be afraid. Jesus has beaten death and has won the victory for once and for all. All we need to do, is to invite Him into our lives. He left the tomb empty, so that He can live in our hearts.

Have a wonderful day knowing that, never again, do you need to fear Satan or his lies. The battle has already been won. Live for Christ and experience the victory.


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