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I was looking for a fuzzy quote about grace, but there’s nothing fuzzy about it. God’s grace, cost His Son, Jesus, His life. It meant that the King of the universe, stepped down from His throne, into a world that had no time for Him, and gave His life for every single person. The mind-blowing thing about grace, is that Jesus died for every single person who ever walked and will walk the face of this Earth. Even for a sorry little sinner like me.

My prayer of thanks rings up to heaven every single day. Not because I want to ask God for anything. But because God has already done everything for me… on the Cross. Why would God, who is Almighty and the Creator of all things, choose to die for me? There’s a single word that can sum it up – LOVE. I have a song in my heart that no man can silence, or no circumstance can mute. It’s a song of thanks to God. A song of thanks because there was a day in my past, when I realized I needed Him more than anything the world could offer. A day when I realized that I was lost.

And now that I know that I know that I am safe in His arms, it is impossible to be quiet. How can I keep it to myself what my Lord and Saviour has done for me on the cross? I have prayed before, that God would break my heart, for what breaks His. And I can tell you that my heart is shattered. When I look at the world and the hatred that is spewed out towards the very One who is stretching out His hands to all, it breaks my heart. When the world sets out to ‘downgrade’ God to a hateful bigamist, it breaks my heart.

I’m going to be blunt right now. There are so many of us who have things too easy. Our Christian walk doesn’t require faith because things are too comfortable. How willing will we be to stand up to the attacks of the world. Every day we see the church giving in to the wokeness surrounding it. In a world we have been called to be the light, we have chosen to join the darkness. It’s time for Christians to stand strong and to pray less for the things we would like – for selfish things – and pray more for a world that is hopelessly lost.

The world is not evil because of those who do wrong and don’t know better. It is evil because of those who know better yet do nothing to shine the light of God in a dark world. So, what will it be?

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  1. Bought with a price. Acting cheap…

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