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How Great

God made the universe big and man small, for a reason.

I try to listen to “How Great is our God” (International Version), by Chris Tomlin,  every morning. It’s an amazing song about just that – God’s greatness. And maybe we should all remind ourselves, on a regular basis, how small we are, and how great God is. Not to make ourselves feel useless, but the exact opposite. Because if such a great God chooses to love someone as small and insignificant as me, it should make me feel honoured, loved and blessed.

But you see, when we begin to focus on how great we are, we tend to diminish God’s greatness. There’s a reason why there is such chaos in the world today. Society chooses to believe that mankind is great and that we can decide who God is and we begin to mould Him in our likeness. Some clergy have even decided that they will not be calling God, “Our Father” anymore, because it’s sexist. Are we serious. Is this the level that mankind (and I’d probably be stoned for not saying humankind) has stooped to.

How dare we mould God the way we want Him to be? It is unfathomable that small humans want to put the God of the universe in a box, and decide who or what He should be. It’s time we remember our place. And until we do that, the world will continue to fall into a black hole of despair and hopelessness. But even if those of us who know our place in God, are living in this dark world, we have the King of the World to lead us. We know that we don’t need to make ourselves great, because we know exactly who we are in Christ – there’s nothing to prove.

God is great and there’s nothing the world tries to do, that will change that. Mankind can never take His place. And there is a day coming, as sure as what you are reading this, that every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess, that He is Lord. And no warped idea that society might present about God, will change that. What a day that will be – when everyone will recognise His greatness.

Have a blessed day.

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