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Step into a New Day

“You will never know the fulness of Christ, until you realise the emptiness of everything else!”

We are creatures of habit. We love comfort and routine because it makes us feel safe. But when the foundation of our safety is built on the things that surround us, and the people we are with, we are living on shaky ground. Because people will walk out of our lives, and the things of this world that give us comfort, will fade away.

And it’s because of our reliance on things of this world, that taking the first step on a journey that will change our lives forever, is so difficult. Nobody wants to walk in a direction that is dark and unknown. Yet God is asking us to do just that. He is asking us to tread where we have never trodden before, so that He can take us where we have never dreamt, we could ever go.

Today is the day we are called to trust Him, and not our circumstances. You see, when we allow our circumstances to determine our steps, we will always procrastinate and step back into our comfort zone. It’s the fleshly thing to do. And that’s exactly why Paul says in Galatians 2:20 that it is no longer he that lives but it is Christ that lives in Him.

So, because Jesus was never afraid to step into His calling, no matter what the circumstances, we need to live with the same faith. The lives that have the most impact for God, are the ones who put their complete trust in God; the ones who move and get out of the boat.

Have a wonderful day as you step into it with complete and utter faith.


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