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When all is Stripped Away

When the noise and the rush of each day fades; when the masks we wear each day are stripped away; when it’s only me and God…

Those are the moments we need to focus on in 2023. Because it’s during those times, when there’s nobody else around that we need to impress, when we become who we really are. There’s no hiding our insecurities from God. There’s nothing we can do that will make God love us more. There’s no mask in the world that will hide our true identity, from the One who created us and knows every intricate part of us.

But what we tend to do is avoid those moments. We prefer to surround ourselves with noise and distractions from the world, so that we don’t need to deal with the ‘real stuff’. By spending alone time with God, we will be confronted with our own mortality in a world that makes us believe that we are invincible. By getting away from all the distractions, we need to face the reality that we are all just messed up human beings who are in need of a Saviour. And that, my friends, is the complete opposite of what the Enemy wants you to see.

And slowly but surely, by choosing to spend more time in the ‘plasticness’ of the world, we become more like it.  The sad reality is, we end up becoming less and less like Jesus. Doesn’t the Word say that we need to be Holy as God is Holy? My prayer for me, my family, my friends and every single Christian out there, is that we block our ears to the lies of the world; and that we block our eyes to the distractions out there, and that we open our hearts to the One who deserves all our attention.

By making 2023 a year in which we choose to listen to the One who is Truth, we will become a reflection of Christ’s Love, Joy and Peace in a world that needs it more than ever before. By becoming God’s hands and feet, we will be the instruments that He wants us to be in a broken world. To everyone out there… let’s make this the year of our Lord and Saviour.

Have a wonderful 2023 away from the distractions. Let’s choose to sit at the feet of Jesus.

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