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Instead of Why…

It’s Christmas! A day that the world loves to celebrate but hates to admit what It’s really about. It’s a great holiday for a drink or to open presents, but one that nobody is willing to spend time thinking about the greatest gift ever.

Maybe, on this Christmas Day, we can stop thinking about ourselves. Maybe we can stop thinking about why God doesn’t give us everything we want. Maybe it’s time for us to remember that we have already been given so much more than anything we could have ever hoped for. On this very day, more than 2000 years ago, Immanuel happened – God with us. And because God came to this Earth, we have been given life.

Jesus came to this Earth so that He could die, so that we can live. How’s that for a gift? How arrogant are we to ask God why He isn’t doing the things we want Him to do, when He has already done everything for us, by coming to this world to make a way – a way away from eternal death, but towards everlasting life. All we need to do is take the focus off ourselves for the moment and look in more detail at Christmas; at the manger; at the cross.

For unto us a Child is born. And He is the Prince of Peace. Inviting Him into our lives brings us peace that surpasses all understanding. Peace in the midst of the world’s chaos. Why would anyone choose to live without The Prince of Peace, when He is right there, waiting?

Have a blessed Christmas. And know, that God is with us!


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