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When we don’t know what we are doing, but we think we do, we tend to get entangled. And isn’t that something that we all seem to struggle with? None of us like to think that we are wrong. We want to live life on our terms, singing like the late, great, Frank Sinatra, “I did it my way!”

But do we stop for a moment and have a look at the world? Just look at it! Anyone who can tell me that we are doing a good job at “Doing it our way,” certainly isn’t looking very well. The world is in shambles. Society can’t even seem to define what a man or a woman is anymore.  As Christians, we are becoming silent to the evils around us because we are afraid that we might offend someone. Here’s the thing – God isn’t politically correct, He is Truth. And He expects His followers not to avoid the truth because we are too concerned about hurting someone’s feelings.

We need to ask God to untangle us from the web of lies that Satan has been binding us with. Lies that have subtly crept into society, and have been presented as loving and caring. We are so tied up in it all, that the very fibre of our Christian morals are beginning to unravel. You see, it’s the wrong fibre that’s being unravelled, and we are allowing that to happen. The rope that needs to be snapped, is not the one that is connecting us to Christ, but the one that isn’t.

For us to be used by God, we need to ask for clear discernment. My prayer needs to be, “God, please reveal to me how far from You, the things of this world are! Please make me very aware of those subtle lies, that might be blinding me! Please unravel and snap those chords that are holding me back from being all that you are calling me to be. And God, bind me with your love, so that I can share your glory in love, but also in truth!”

We need to know today, that God wants to use us for His glory. Let’s allow Him to unravel the lies that are holding us back, and strengthen the rope that anchors us to Him.

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