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Fight the Flesh

In a world saturated with temptation and persuasive mumbo jumbo, people struggle to stay focused. I’m one of those people!

It’s not always about giving in to ‘unethical’ things that can be bad for us. In fact, it’s those subtle little things that often cause the most damage. Slowly but surely, we get drawn away from what really matters, only to be sucked in by what doesn’t.

We fail to admit it, but the things we occupy our lives with the most, are the things that are the most important to us. To put it simply: If we choose to spend more time at work, than with our family, work is more important to us. We can argue it from any angle – it’s true. We soothe our conscience by persuading ourselves differently. And soon we start believing the lie that we need to work those long hours, because we need to be able to provide the best for our family.

Maybe its time that we start realizing something. The best thing for my family, is my time. And the best thing for your family, is yours. Why is it that whenever I travel to 3rd world countries, the people there seem to be happier? They might not have much, but they spend their time wisely – with family and friends. And the amazing thing is that we don’t need the best things to be able to do that.

But the most important aspect we allow ourselves to be drawn away from, is God. How is it that we choose to rather watch more TV, do more work – in fact do more of the most random things, than to spend time with Him? Everything we are, and everything we have, is a gift from Him. Yet, we choose stuff, over Him. If we say we love God above everything else, we will put God first above everything else. If not, it’s time to reprioritize.

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