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What now?

“What are we going to do now?” is something that James, our younger son, often asks us. I’m glad he does, because that shows me that he doesn’t simply want to live his life and fade into oblivion.

As Christians, we need to be asking ourselves that question every single minute of the day. I often hear Christians saying we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. The idea that going to church on a Sunday, and going on a missions trip every now and then is what Christianity is all about, is so flawed. Being a Christian means to become more like Christ every day!

And when I look at the life of Jesus here on Earth, He never spent his week days being so busy with making money that He didn’t have time for His Father. He never spent the Sabbath, going to “church” and connecting with other followers of His. He never spent one holiday a year going on a mission trip to preach to the poor. He spent most of His time, sharing with sinners and simply loving them.

Now don’t get me wrong. It is great to meet with other Christians so that we may encourage one another. It is great to go and minister to the poor during a missions trip. It is important to make a living. But if we base our Christian actions only on these things, then it’s time for a “reboot”. How many of us are willing to actually get our hands dirty and spend our time being more like Christ, rather than wanting to be more like the Jones’s?

So let’s continually ask ourselves, “What am I going to do now for Christ?” instead of being content with our cushy Christian lifestyle. When our lives become too comfortable, we are in trouble. Because you see, Satan doesn’t need to worry about the idle Christian who isn’t building the Kingdom. Satan is worried about those who are, and will do everything in his power to stop it.

So, isn’t is time to get out of our comfortable church chairs, and stop turning our backs on the world that desperately needs God? You and I have been called to share the Good News. Will we go, or are we too comfortable and content being cushy Christians?

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