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We Win in the End

People often ask me, “If God is so loving and kind, why am I suffering so much?” And that’s a really good question. But it all depends on how we look at it.

If we think that God is only there to make our lives easy, we are really missing the point.  God never created you and I so that we can have a life of comfort. God created us to live a full and rewarding life. Society has managed to, cunningly, obscure this whole concept. We are bombarded with media messaging that suggests how money, status, possessions, good health and comfort are what we need, to give our lives meaning. The crazy thing is, that when we have all of that, we have no time for God.

How do you and I, as parents feel, when our children would rather spend more time on their devices, than with us? How do we feel when we know that what they may be doing, is harmful for them, yet they choose to ignore our advice? It would break our hearts! Because we know what’s best for them. And we want to protect them from the lies and deceit that will erode their relationship with us.

When life is smooth and we have everything our heart desires, we tend not to need anyone. But when we have health issues, we tend to see a doctor. When we have financial issues, we call a financial adviser. When we have no food, we look for a charity organisation. It is only during difficult times, that we seem to think we need help.

Sometimes, God allows us to experience struggles because He knows that if we don’t, we will never turn to Him. Sometimes He allows us to go through difficult times, because that’s the only way to get our attention. Because, you see, the only way to eternal life, is through Jesus Christ. And God would rather get our attention with a short time of hardship here on Earth, than leave us to a life without Him, that will lead to eternal pain and suffering.

So if you don’t know Jesus, turn away from the lies and comfort of this world, and turn to Him. He loves you so much that He was willing to exchange His crown, for a dirty stable and a bloody cross, so that we can exchange our condemned eternity, for an eternity in His very presence. And if you do know Him, remember, that no matter how messed up this world looks, He is still in control. Whatever you and I might be going through – We win in the end!

Have a wonderful day.

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