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Don’t let people hold you back. You are not going to have to give account to them one day; only to God.

The world is so filled with fear at the moment; and that includes Christians. Why? Why do we allow fear to dictate our lives if we are called to be bold? Why do we give in to fear if we have the king of the world on our side? Maybe it’s time to read about the lives of those in scripture who dared to trust God.

I’m sure that when David stood in front of Goliath, for a moment he must of thought, “What the heck am I doing?” But it didn’t last long. I can’t imagine Gideon not having any fear at all when he faced a mighty army, with a few untrained soldiers. But you see, their human fear didn’t dictate to their Godly faith. And they lived lives of tremendous purpose.

Imagine living our lives, never doing anything because we allow that moment of fear to overshadow what faith could lead to.  If we make fear the master of our existence, we will end up regretting so many things.  And I’m not sure about you, but that’s not the life for me. Stepping out in faith is not always easy, but it is always worth it.

Right here and right now, we need to live every moment with no regret. Right here and right now, we need to love like we’re on borrowed time. Go on! Go and do those things that you have always felt incapable of doing. Go and live that life that God is calling you to live. But to be able to do so, you need to put your trust in Him completely.

Have an amazing day!

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