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Keep Burning

The world needs Christians who don’t tolerate the complacency of their own lives.

The reason why we have technology, is to make things as easy and as comfortable as possible. Instead of walking, we’ll drive. Instead of cooking, we’ll go through a drive through… and so it goes on. But in doing so, we have become a lazy society, so obsessed with comfort, that we are very quickly losing any resilience we might still have.

You see, the only time we ever grow, is when we face obstacles. And no comfort in the world can help us overcome those hurdles in our lives. The only thing that helps with getting over those mountains is perseverance. And the thing is, perseverance can never be acquired in a place of comfort and ease.

We grow in the wilderness. We become stronger in the midst of the storm. So why is it that we sit in our comfortable church auditoriums, sipping our hip latte’s and listening to our rock star preachers, yet never dare to leave that “religious place of comfort” to grow in our spiritual walk?

It’s time to take that head knowledge we have of being a Christian, and allow it to become heart knowledge. Only when that happens, will we realise that we can never be complacent because, as Christians, we will never be everything we have been created to be on this side of eternity. So we must continue to strive to be more like Jesus, every moment of every day!

It’s time let go of those worldly things that are making life so comfortable; those things that are snuffing out the flame of passion and purpose in our lives.

Have an amazing day!

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