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See You

“I have found that trying to become more like Jesus, yields far better results than trying to become a better me.”

We hear it all the time: “Become the best version of yourself!” The fact is, the best version of ourselves is still pretty terrible. In ourselves we will always succumb to the sinful nature of the flesh. Jealousy and ego will take president over love and selflessness when we try to do things our way. In our own strength we will continue to fail miserably. Just look at the world and tell me with a straight face, that it is working out well for people being themselves!

I have decided a long time ago, that I don’t want to be “myself” anymore, because I didn’t like what I was becoming. We are told that we need to do whatever makes us happy. It’s not good advise when we don’t even seem to know what happiness is. We are told to fight for our rights, no matter what the consequences. That’s not very good advise when we aren’t also told that with every right, comes a responsibility.

I am not interested for people to see me anymore, because in myself, there is nothing worth seeing. But I pray that they will see Jesus in my life, and my actions, and my words. Nobody can argue with the selflessness and love of our Saviour. And if you and I can just reflect some of that love in the world, it will start a spark that will begin to light up the darkness we are surrounded by.

Have a wonderful day, reflecting Christ.

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