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“Procrastination is the thief of time.”¬†We love to put a hold on things, hoping that tomorrow’s weather will be better, or next month we will have more money to do something. The thing is, the time will never be perfect. So, instead of waiting for the perfect moment, dive into the deep end even if the water is dirty.

I once heard someone say that we will never be ready to do what we need to do. We will never be experienced enough, or prepared enough. When God calls us, we need to go, no matter how “unready” we may be feeling. God isn’t interested in whether we are ready; He is interested in whether we are willing.

David wasn’t a trained member of the Israelite Army when he took on Goliath. He didn’t need to be, because God went into battle with him, when he was willing to go into battle for God. His attitude was, “Ready or not, here I come because God is calling me. Gideon wasn’t a trained soldier, yet God called him a mighty warrior because he was willing to fight a war for which he was completely unready.

So, what about you and me? Are we spending our lives doing things that don’t matter because we are waiting for the right time? And, by the time we realise, we have wasted our lives doing things that don’t matter because we wanted the “stars to align” before we tried something that¬† does! Why?

Know today, that God has called you! Know today that He prepares you for the battle on the way! Know that He doesn’t care about your credentials. He simply wants a willing heart.

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