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A little further

God never said that the journey would be easy! But He did say that the destination would more than make up for the pain along the way.

When we focus on what God is calling us to do, the enemy’s voice will shout, in an attempt to drown out God’s whisper. Don’t let it happen. The loudest voice, is often the one we need to ignore. The most popular road, is always the easy road. Society is so focused on comfort and ease, that there seems to be no other option than to stop when the road gets rough. But don’t. It doesn’t mean because most people are doing something, that it is right. Keep going a little further. It’s that extra mile of “roughness” that makes us aware of how much we need God

You see, when life is easy and the road is smooth, there always seems to be lots of traffic. That’s what most people consider to be life’s purpose – being comfortable and making things as easy as possible. But that’s just not it! Life’s purpose is to be living your calling. And to know what that calling is, we need to put our faith in God. And to do that, we need to experience every bump in the road. Because without those bumps, we seem to think that we don’t need Him. So, if you want to experience a life of purpose and impact, keep going a little further. It won’t be comfortable, but boy, it will be worth it!

The saying, “There is safety in numbers” is so true. Not the way the world sees it, though. When we walk with God, we are always in the majority. When we put our trust in Him, there is no army that can defeat us. We might be weak in the eyes of the world, but what does that matter when the world is blinded by all the wrong things. In God’s eyes, like Gideon, we are mighty warriors, when we put our trust in Him. Like David, we can defeat any enemy. Like Peter, we can do the impossible, if we only keep our eyes on Him. We too, can be used by God in a mighty way, if only we would choose to keep going a little further.

Have an amazing day!

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