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No Way!

There’s a reason why they call it “The Rat Race”. It’s not our race to run. We are people, not rats! And we have been created with a purpose. And our purpose is more than just paying bills for things that we mostly don’t need. Think about this! How many things do we have in our lives, that we don’t really need? How many things do we hang on to, that are simply luxuries? And we end up working in unfulfilling jobs, to pay for things that we don’t need, while our passions are dismissed as pipe dreams.

There is a graveyard of unfulfilled dreams, that have died because we decide to follow a life that society portrays as necessary. We turn our backs on our passion and calling, and instead choose to do the “responsible” thing. We choose to work hard, buy a house, get our kids into the “best” schools, and make sure they attend the “best” universities, so that they can repeat the cycle all over again. And, as a result, we have a generation that is unfulfilled and depressed.

What your children need to see, are parents who love life. Children need to  their parents live lives of passion and purpose.  It is far more important to make an impact, than to make a wad of money. It is far more exciting to be passionate about what we do, than to be comfortable with the things we surround ourselves with. So, lets’ stop existing the way society prescribes, and start living the life that God has for us. When we do that, our passion will wake us up in the morning, and keep us awake at night.

So sleep less, and live the life you were called to live. Don’t live the life you have been made to believe is the one for you, by a society that has no interest in the God who created you. No way!

Have an amazing day!

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