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Tomorrow belongs to God

You don’t have to see the whole staircase to be able to take the first step.

It is said that the one thing most people regret, when looking back on their lives, is the failure to take risks. It certainly is true that risks might lead to failure, but the failure to risk, in itself, is the greatest disservice we can do to ourselves.

Living a “safe” life might be safe, but a ship was never built to stay in the harbour. In the same way, God created you and me, to take risks, because a relationship with Him is based on faith. And we all know that faith is what we employ when we can’t control the outcome. And the day we realise that God is in control of everything, we will untie that rope that fastens us to life’s harbour.

The moment we sail off into the unknown, is the moment that our adventure with God truly begins. In our eyes it might be a risk to travel into unchartered waters, but it warms God’s heart when we choose to trust Him with our tomorrows. As Christians we know that all our tomorrows belong to God. He has, and always will be in control. And the sooner we let go and let God take control of our lives, the sooner we will truly begin to live.

Today, I choose to truly live. I choose to untie the rope of comfort that is holding me back from reaching my full potential for God. I choose to trust God, to whom tomorrow belongs, and to live the rest of my life for Him.

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