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Every Action

Sometimes, a break in routine is what we need to make us realise that earthly thing are of no value in eternity.

Why is it that we spend all our time and energy, focusing on the here and now? Don’t we realise that what we accumulate on Earth, is of no lasting consequence? Don’t we stop and wonder why we invest so much of ourselves to things that will fade and disappear?  It is ridiculous to pour ourselves into something that amounts to nothing.

The only way we can live a life of purpose, is to focus on eternity. The only way that our lives will amount to anything of real substance, is when our actions are linked to our eternal mindset. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t want to gain everything this world has to offer, at the expense of honouring My Father in heaven.

It’s time for every Christian to step up and focus on what’s eternal, rather than on what’s comfortable. You see, comfort is what the enemy uses to lull Christians into a false  sense of contentment.  As soon as our lives get too comfortable, we tend to focus on the things of this world. But when we are out there on the battlefield, we know that we need God.

I want my life to reflect an eternal mindset, not a  temporary waste of time. There are people out there who are dying without Christ, while we are sitting in our comfortable auditoriums, focusing on our own needs as a church. Let’s get our hands dirty, in order to get our hearts in line with God’s will.

Have an amazing day!

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