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It doesn’t depend

The main difference between happiness and joy, is that joy doesn’t depend on our circumstances. The only way anyone can experience true joy, is to know the true God, the creator of heaven and Earth – the One who created each of us in His image.

There’s a reason why there are more suicides today than ever before. It’s not surprising that depression has become a serious modern-day problem. People are trying to find something that will give them peace and joy, but never find it. We never find it because we keep looking in all the wrong places. We run after happiness, when what we need is joy!

Finding happiness only solves the problem temporarily. When we experience financial issues, our happiness takes a nose-dive. When relationships turn sour, our happiness glass is filled with disillusionment. And this all happens because we are trying to find contentment in temporary things. It’s time to look in a different place, for something more lasting.

Joy is eternal and is found in an eternal God. When we put our faith in Him, we have an “even if” attitude. Even if our circumstances aren’t fantastic, we know that God is still in control. Even if God doesn’t make a way out of a difficult spot, He is always there with us. Even if this life is tough, we know that there is an eternity with Him waiting for us.

And that is where joy is found. Remember, never to let anything fill you so with sorrow, as to forget the joy of Christ risen.

Have an amazing day.

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