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Only way to be Real

In a world that is expecting us to be something that we weren’t created to be, we will never find true peace. And we will never be content. But, there’s an “unless”. We will never find true joy in this world, unless we have a relationship with Father God. Our Father is the One who created us, as a potter uses clay. And in that “creation process”, He knew exactly what His plan was.

But then, sin grabbed hold of us and the enemy tried to thwart God’s plan with his lies and deception. But what we need to remember, is that Satan isn’t in control, God is! Despite what the world may think, God has never given away His authority. He is, and always will be the only One who reigns.

Because God created us with a plan for our lives, He is the only One in whom we need to put our trust. He is the only One who really knows who we are. And when we have a living relationship with Him, we begin to know who we are also! We don’t need to try and be who the world wants us to be. We just need to be real; and be who God created us to be.

So, if you’re tired of pretending and trying to please everyone, yet still feeling empty, start to be yourself. And the only way to do that is to know your Father, who created you.

Have an amazing day!

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