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His Love

God’s love will never leave you, and never disappoint you.

I’ve had a pretty ordinary last few weeks. An inflammation has set in my right knee, which has immobilised me for a while. Hobbling around on crutches is unbelievably frustrating, when  sport used to form an integral part of your life. Maybe “getting older” is also part of it. And there’s nothing we can do about that.

Although it might be frustrating, their is absolutely no place for self-pity when I know that my God loves me so much. He was there when I used to run around on the sports field, just as He is here with me, while I struggle to move from room to room. The fact that I’m impeded doesn’t mean He loves me any less.

And it certainly doesn’t mean that I love Him any less. Whatever earthly pain you might be going through, God is there with you in the eye of the storm. In fact, it’s during the stormy days, that we realise how good He is and how much we need Him. So, instead of having a pity-party, I choose to praise Him for His goodness.

Have a wonderful day, knowing that God loves you.

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  1. Hoop jy is sommer weer gou op die been, sonder jou krukke. Lekker dag verder vir jou, Bev en die seuns

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