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Lean In

Each of us has an important decision to make today, and every day! We can either choose to compare ourselves to others and become despondent, or we can choose to live the life of purpose that God is calling us to live. It is impossible to do both, because God’s purpose for you, is specific.

We have all been down a different road. Our experiences are different, therefore our callings are different. Why then, do we insist on living a life of comparison? God never called you and me to be the same. He never gave us the same DNA and character. We are all uniquely created in His image.

When we compare, we either make ourselves feel bad because we don’t feel that we are as good as someone else, or we try to run others down so that we might feel superior to them.  It never ends well. But when we choose to focus on what we are called to do, instead of looking down on what others are doing, life becomes exciting.

When we have a purpose to wake us up in the morning, and a calling that keeps us up at night, our lives begin to shine. Spend time today, contemplating the gifts God has blessed you with. Spend time in prayer asking God what His call on your life is. Then, begin to live it.

Have a blessed day leaning in to what God has in store for you.

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