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Pour Out

The more we share, the richer we become!

Our prayer life often falls into a pattern of asking. We tend to treat God like a puppet on a string, expecting Him to move when and where we want Him to go. Maybe it’s time we approach our prayer life a little differently. By shifting our focus from what we want, to what we need, everything changes. It is when we make our prayers less about selfish desires, and more about His purpose for us,  that God’s heart begins to smile.

Rather than asking Him for stuff, let’s thank Him for the life He’s given us! Instead of being “askers”, let’s become “givers”. It’s time for the church to become the hands of feet of Jesus Christ. When Jesus walked the face of this world, His mission was completely focused on giving. And in that giving, He never held anything back, not even His very life! He took the cup that His Father filled, and poured it out onto a broken world.

Let’s ask God to fill our cup every day, not to keep it full, but, so that we can go out and empty that love, joy and peace in the world. By doing that, our lives are filled with purpose. When we choose to live like that, the lives of those around us are filled with hope. And God smiles.

Have a great day, pouring it all out!


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